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V Drum Gig bag?

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  • V Drum Gig bag?

    Does anyone have the V drum gig bag? Is it worth 2-3 hundred bucks? How does it pack everything?

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    I have both the soft-sided "rack" bag and the hard-sided "v-drum kit" case - here's my thoughts on both:

    I love the hard-sided case and hate the soft-sided bag!!!

    The hard case holds all drums, pads, snare stand, FD-7, KD-7 and even the TD-10. The problem with the rack bag, IMHO, is that the rack needs to be disassembled to totally fit into the bag. Not a good thing if you're a 'gigging' drummer and you tend to leave the cables and clamps on the rack during transportation. I ended up selling my rack bag for $80 to a buddy who uses a TD-7 rack...a smaller unit.

    Anyway, I love the hard-sided case...although it's a little pricey at $300-$400. There have been many alternatives suggested on this website that would do a good job at a much lower cost. Check them out!!!


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      I use a large Rubbermaid-style container that holds all pads, snare stand, kick pedal + KD-7, stick bag, and module (in a padded bag) and it cost about $20. Waterproof, cheap, lightweight, & very effective.

      You make the call; there were a number of older threads on this topic if you search the archives.


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        Beato Bags makes a custom set of bags for the V's. I love them, but only if you're personally moving around your drums (versus allowing a roadie to do it). Guitar Center stocks these bags.