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Dauz pads on e-bay

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  • Dauz pads on e-bay

    Dauz e-drum pads are on e-bay. The prices look to be good, no reserve, etc.

    I did a search on vdrums and found only a few hits where people mention this product.

    Would the people that use these please post what you think about them?

    Regards, Glenn

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    I have 2 Dauz pads I use on my V-Concert kit.

    I like them because they are small (under 6").

    They are great for small aux triggers (patch changes or loops, bongos, wd block, cowbell, etc.) - they are older technology pads but are velocity sensitive and built tough.

    The pad itself is very playable - good feel for its size. 1/4" mono jack too BTW.

    I think I paid $85/ea 8 yrs. ago.

    good luck.

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      I've used them for years and love them. They have a solid but soft feel, and are very sensitive, I personaly don't like stereo pads and these work great with my Drumkat. Dan is great guy, it's nice to be able to call and talk directly to the design engineer without having to go through a bunch of people who don't know anything about how the product works. Alot of guys on big tours use them for the reason that they never quit, ever. They're built like a tank. They use industrial parts, like steel resonating plates and heavy duty rubber.
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