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Instrument Cables

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  • Instrument Cables

    Are high quality instrument cables worth the loads of extra money? I'm talking about connecting the module output to amps, effects, etc. to transfer and preserve the most accurate signal possible.

    I've seen a 3 foot 1/4" to 1/4" cable for as much as $50!

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    It depends on how you define "worth". Some folks say they can barely hear the difference, others can't stand the difference. If you are playing live, decent durable cords may be more important than higest fidelity. In my studio, as with my home audio gear, I use mostly Monster (and various optical) cables. They ain't cheap, but there are far better. I find them sufficient for my purposes. Others might view them as overkill, while still others might consider them a compromise. Depends on your application and expectations.


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      Like the doctor says, it depends on what your primary considerations are. If you are on a budget, I'd get the best cords/cables you can afford. Cables that are poorly shielded can be subject to interference from outside sources (power cords, lights, etc.), and poorly constructed connectors might not maintain their integrity after long hard use. A good cable will be well-soldered and insulated, and have a good quality core element. Budget cables are cheaper for a variety of reasons, and you'll have to decide if the compromise is acceptable to you. Test a good cable and a cheap one back-to-back, if you're able. Can you hear the difference? If so, there's your answer. If not, weigh the factors...

      Just my opinion,


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        Besides making your own, where can you buy good quality stereo cables of varying lengths with a right angle TRS plug on one end? Hosa seems to be the only one that makes a stock cable and I think these are the same as the ones supplied by Roland.


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          I prefer the Horizon cables -- they are perfect for my needs and don't cost a fortune. I believe you can buy a 3 foot cable for about $6.
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