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TD-6 vs. TD-8 suprise!

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  • TD-6 vs. TD-8 suprise!

    Just got done looking at the Hart page and they reviewed the TD-6 at a 5 out of 5 and the TD-8 as a 4.5 out of 5. I thought at first that was because of the "value" of the TD-6, But wait...somewhere else I read that the TD-6 has a faster response? time. Could it be that the TD-6 has higher quality "guts" than the TD-8 but just a few fewer features???


    Jon V.

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    Jon V.,

    I noticed the same thing when I visited the Hart site a few months ago and posed a similar question to the forum (see link below).

    I've since demoed both modules side by side and wasn't able to perceive a faster response time from the TD-6.

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      If it is there, it is next to nothing. However, the TD-6 is noticeably quieter.


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        Originally posted by dr. kildrum:
        If it is there, it is next to nothing. However, the TD-6 is noticeably quieter.
        External power supply?

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