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SPD-6 A few Questions

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  • SPD-6 A few Questions

    I am thinking about adding a SPD-6 to my acoustic kit. I want to trigger a kick from the unit. Any suggestions? It would be great if i could get a list of the samples that come with the unit. Any help would be great.

    Thanks, Joey

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    Hey Joey, welcome aboard. I have seen a few of your posts around lately.
    As I recall you already have the TD-10 (expanded??). You can use the SPD-6 to trigger the sounds in that via MIDI if you want to use the better quality samples that the TD-10 has. The only way that you will find out if the SPD-6 has good enough sounds for your requirements is to go down to the music shop and play with one.

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      Does the SPD-6 even have the ability to trigger sounds? I don't believe it has any extra inputs. Can someone verify this.

      Ted H.
      Ted H.