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Snare bounces up and down

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  • Snare bounces up and down

    Hello all, I recently purchased my first e-drum kit (Pintech concert cast w/TD-8) and it's great. One little problem though, the snare bounces up and down especially when doing rolls. As far as I can tell the L-rod is flexing. Does anyone know of a fix for this or perhaps a product other than a snare stand that might brace the snare?

    By the way, this site is really great, especially the forums. I gleaned much info here when I was shopping for my kit. You people should check out Harmony Central's user forums just for a laugh. It's just people spouting opinions and trading insults.

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    Don't know what kind of clamps you are using, but Gibraltar has L-rods that are very thick on one side, and thinner on the other. These are also shorter than Roland L-rods. I'd look at these compared to what you are using. I don't think you will "flex" one much, but made sure they will fit the drums receiver and your clamps.


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      It's better not to double post topics. Most members check out all forums.

      Music was my first love...


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          Sorry, won't happen again.