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Anyone try the Hart Mach I drum monitors

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  • Anyone try the Hart Mach I drum monitors

    I like the idea of having small rack-mounted monitors facing me to supplement something like a KC-500.

    Has anyone tried the small Mach I drum monitors from Hart? Or done something similar?

    If so, what did you think?

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      I'm close to doing just that with a pair of Audix PH3s. Sometimes my G2 is just not in a position where I can get good sound - I hate hearing that stick on pad noise. I can feel the bottom from the G2, so that component is not needed. They are a powered speaker with 20 watts per channel.

      I saw them at a Guitar Center being used to demo Beat boxes and drum machines and they sounded great. Guitar Center is not selling them anymore, but Sweetwater (and others) have them for $150. I was just going to come up with some type of platform to attach to the rack and velcro them down to the platform.

      I've looked around quite a bit and these seem the best to me. Roland has some (MA-8 Micro monitors) but they seem too big to me.

      I'm thinking this would be a nice cross between the PM-3 monitor for the drummer and a powerful sound from the G2. Now if I can come up with the $150......


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        Thanks for the input. I just sent an email to Drumbalaya to see what they have for attaching small monitors to a drum rack. I'll post what I find out.

        The Audix web site does not include very mouch info. Do these have RCA input?


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          Yes, I believe they have RCA inputs, and a wall wart power supply. They have a nice rugged housing with metal grill over speakers. There is a volume knob on one of the pair to control both (I'm working from memory, but pretty sure.

          I also looked at monitors made for PC applications, and aux. speakers systems for Sony minidisk players - they either sounded bad or not rugged enough. The Roland MA-8's sounded OK, but only 8 watts per speaker and not as rugged as the Audix. The Rolands are used a lot for small keyboard monitors, which is where I got the idea.

          I know that several mfgs. make module to rack mounting plates - these would work great. Plus the extra clamps you may have to buy. It would look pro. I'm just too cheap to buy a couple (and handy enough to come up with a Home Depot solution).

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            Ed at Drumbalya suggested Pintech Universal Mounting Plates (um-1)and using velcro to secure it to the plate.

            This would require an additional clamp which would bring it up to about $25 each.


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              Thats not as bad as I thought for a hassle free and good looking mount - thanks for the info.