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Anyone try the Hart Mach I drum monitors

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  • Anyone try the Hart Mach I drum monitors

    I like the idea of having small rack-mounted monitors facing me to supplement something like a KC-500.

    Has anyone tried the small Mach I drum monitors from Hart? Or done something similar?

    If so, what did you think?

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    Hart has not put their line of audio on the market as of yet.

    PM3 from Roland is what you might look into if you are looking for something that small that sits on the rack.

    Type “PM3” in the search area to get an idea what the PM3 is all about. Some users have posted good info that might be helpful to ya.



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      I'm close to doing just that with a pair of Audix PH3s. Sometimes my G2 is just not in a position where I can get good sound - I hate hearing that stick on pad noise. I can feel the bottom from the G2, so that component is not needed. They are a powered speaker with 20 watts per channel.

      I saw them at a Guitar Center being used to demo Beat boxes and drum machines and they sounded great. Guitar Center is not selling them anymore, but Sweetwater (and others) have them for $150. I was just going to come up with some type of platform to attach to the rack and velcro them down to the platform.

      I've looked around quite a bit and these seem the best to me. Roland has some (MA-8 Micro monitors) but they seem too big to me.

      I'm thinking this would be a nice cross between the PM-3 monitor for the drummer and a powerful sound from the G2. Now if I can come up with the $150......


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        Thanks for the input. I just sent an email to Drumbalaya to see what they have for attaching small monitors to a drum rack. I'll post what I find out.

        The Audix web site does not include very mouch info. Do these have RCA input?


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          Yes, I believe they have RCA inputs, and a wall wart power supply. They have a nice rugged housing with metal grill over speakers. There is a volume knob on one of the pair to control both (I'm working from memory, but pretty sure.

          I also looked at monitors made for PC applications, and aux. speakers systems for Sony minidisk players - they either sounded bad or not rugged enough. The Roland MA-8's sounded OK, but only 8 watts per speaker and not as rugged as the Audix. The Rolands are used a lot for small keyboard monitors, which is where I got the idea.

          I know that several mfgs. make module to rack mounting plates - these would work great. Plus the extra clamps you may have to buy. It would look pro. I'm just too cheap to buy a couple (and handy enough to come up with a Home Depot solution).

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            Ed at Drumbalya suggested Pintech Universal Mounting Plates (um-1)and using velcro to secure it to the plate.

            This would require an additional clamp which would bring it up to about $25 each.


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              Thats not as bad as I thought for a hassle free and good looking mount - thanks for the info.