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Whats BETTER pintech or hart upright kick PAD?

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  • Whats BETTER pintech or hart upright kick PAD?

    My studio ax came with the hart wedge kick Which is very hard and bouncy, so after some time its time to upgrade. Im not sure which one is more expensive (pintech or hart upright kick pads) but they seem to be good contenders. Any threads on this topic would be appreciated. (Rolands uprights are way to expensive) although the roland kick (the one where the beater hits the ground, sorry dont know the model name) has a much better feel than the hart wedge, its a little more spongy like a real kick but still not perfect.

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    I just upgraded from the Roland KD-7 (the inverted kick...) to a Pintech CK-V. Much, much better! I now see that some of my problems were directly related to using the KD-7, as it was always going downhill, if you catch my drift. I wasn't getting the whipping action that I was used to all these years with an upright kick, working against gravity.

    As far as which is more expensive, use the search engine at www.google.com and do some research. Who knows, you just may find a bargain!

    Good luck!


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      I have the Pintech VertiKik ($179 I believe) and I really like it. I used KD-7's and I never did like the action of an inverted beater. Always seemed sluggish!!!

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