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V-Ride ( best price and other stuff??)

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  • V-Ride ( best price and other stuff??)

    I have a almost new PD-9 sitting on the floor and I think I want to trade it for a V-ride. What is the best price seen on the new V-ride, and how much can I normally trade or sell a PD-9 for??? Also, if you happen to have a V-ride that you might want to get rid of, let me know.

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    Check eBay for the current selling price of PD-9 pads. I got under $100 for mine but at the time eBay was flooded with PD-9 and PD-7 pads because everyone was dumbing them for the new cymbal triggers. I decided not to sell the rest of my PD-7's because there was just to many on the market. As far as a cheap CY-15R check some web sites out and have Gutiar Center match. Try getting a quote from www.bpmmusic.com that is were I got my quote and and ended up getting the whole set for just over $900.(2 CY-14, 1 CY12H, and 1 Cy-15R) Good Luck!! You won't be sorry.

    Ted H.
    Ted H.


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      this one went for $79