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Where to find a Td-8 patchlist

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  • Where to find a Td-8 patchlist

    I am new to this site. WOW! It's great!

    I just bought a TD-8 and am triggering it with D-drum triggers.I am doing recording with Cakewalk 9 using an XP-30 synth. I was able to get a patchlist for the synth @ "Lil chips" web site to load into Cakewalk. Does anyone know where I can find a patchlist for the TD-8 that I can load into Cakewalk? I cannot find it anywhere.Does it even exist? Needing help............
    Thanks alot Eric

    [This message has been edited by adistantdrum (edited March 13, 2001).]

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    I once found a patch list on the Rolandcorp. site but when I returned it was gone. Blody Japanese