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Coming soon - new edrum kit....

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  • Coming soon - new edrum kit....

    I posted a memo in ddrums.com as well.. This is a new kit I am working on putting together that I feel will interest some.... Take a look and leave me some comments. I am quite interested in what some of you fellow edrummers think....

    It is called Digiskinz. Digiskinz are hand built by a very experienced and well known electronic percussion manufacturer. They are somewhat of a continuance of a product that will no longer formally be produced - but with some very significant changes...
    SpaceMuffins have been around since the early 1990's. They are excellent pieces of equipment and are some of the best electronic drums I have ever played. I saw an opportunity to use these drums with the ultimate module (ok, opinionated here....no flames please) - and be able to take full advantage of the ddrum4 features...and be silent when playing...and look good. So here are some features listed out...hope I don't sound like a cheesball sales dork....I think these are going to be pretty successful...

    1.) They are real drums....fully baffled.
    2.) They have both real and mesh heads.
    3.) They are a direct plug-play drum with the ddrum4 module.
    4.) All ddrum4 functions such as positional sensing, choke, etc. are possible.
    5.) They are bundled in kits with the ddrum4 module, and various ecymbal packages (yet to be decided).
    6.) Will have very heavy duty hardware.
    7.) Will have lifetime warranty through SEPdrums.

    I look for the kits to be complete - rack, ddrum4, 5pc drums, ecymbals, sticks, hat stand, stickers, t-shirt, kitchen sink, etc. for about $500 - $700 more than a regular ddum kit... So we are talking approx $3200 range for the entire rig...maybe less depending on the hardware I end up using...

    I will have a kit in house in a week or so and will start gigging with it to put it through its paces.....will have some photos soon.

    Any suggestions from the peanut gallery - hardware brand, etc???

    Maybe in a few weeks www.digiskinz.com will be complete. I think SEPdrums will be the only dealer for these kits for a while. Maybe if I am lucky I will get a review article in MD too...who knows... but for now thats what I am up to...

    Thanks for reading... (and those who read it in ddrums.com - thanks for reading again)...


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    If you'd like to test them with various Roland modules, I'm sure some of us here will gladly be of assistance
    One more thing, are Digiskinz going to be available without the module, and will there be individual pads available?
    As for Hardware, Axis, DW and Gibraltar come to mind... maybe even the DrumFrame VX-1 when it finally arrives on the market...

    "Fry that sound effect, Moriarty, we're having it for breakfast"


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      Yeah I'd sure test it out for ya!

      BTW,Erik. When you say Ecymbals do you mean Hart,or do you mean in general "Electronic cymbals?"