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Does CY-12H High Hat work with V-Club set??

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  • Does CY-12H High Hat work with V-Club set??

    I just got the V-Club set and the CY-12H high hat. The CY-12H high hat says that you need the FD-7 pedal controller for it to work, but the V-Club set comes with a FD-6 pedal controller. Does anyone know if the CY-12H will work with the FD-6 controller? I still haven't opened the box for the high hat and won't until I'm sure. I can't find any information about this. If anyone can help I'd appreciate it. Believe it or not, I only paid $214.00 for the CY-12H at bpmmusic.com. The V-Club set was a breeze to set up except for a little confusion about the CY-6 crash and ride, they give you 2 wing nuts for each cymbal?? The stand was also missing a nut and bolt, but the set is great and a lot of fun. Thanks

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    Well I hooked the Hi Hat up and it works. It is fantastic, just like the rest of the kit. I would recommend it as a great addition to the Club set. Being that is shaped like a real hi hat definately helps. Next I want to buy the PD-120 for the snare and maybe another cymbal. The more stuff to hit the better.