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kd-120 manual

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  • kd-120 manual

    I just received a KD-120 from an EBAY auction. Unfortunately The guy who sold it lost the manual. Does anyone know how I can go about getting another manual electronically? I want to be sure my kd-120 is optimized for my td-10

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    Don't know about electronically, but apart from the usual disclaimers, etc., and the set up of the legs, etc., here is most of the pertinent stuff:

    They recommend (in the general paperwork)tuning it to roughly an acoustic kick feel. Tune evenly like an acoustic 11:00, 5:00, 1:00, 7:00, 3:00, 9:00 in even increments.
    A separate insert instructs to loosen all lugs till they can all be twirled by hand, tighten each as tight as you can with your fingers, then tighten each (in above order) one full turn further with drum key.

    There are lock nuts for the tuning bolts, this is presumably due to the relatively look tuning recommended in the latter advice as well as the constant vibration. Don't forget to use 'em.

    As for optimization, for the TD-10 the recommended parameters are:

    Trigger Type K2
    Sensitivity 6
    Threshold 0
    Curve Linear
    Scan Time 2.0 msec
    Retrigger Cancel 6
    Mask Time 12
    Crosstalk Off

    The rest is pretty much as you would guess, how to change a head, beater(s) hit as close to center as possible, etc.

    Hope that helps.