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Opera monitor works great!

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  • Opera monitor works great!

    Was trying monitors and came across a 15" 400watt Opera monitor. Made in Europe and looks lsomething like the JBL EON. The kicker for me is the price. Less than PM-3, Mackie or JBL. going to get one within the next month.

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    do you have an URL with info about Opera speakers?

    Music was my first love...


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      Wow, I was looking at the operas as well. Have you already tried them? How is the lower punch and are they loud enough? Specs say 126 db...

      MPCMan, here is the link http://www.db-aeb.com/speakeractive-e.html#opera


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        Thanks for the ULR Puttenvr. They are punchy and loud. Side by side with the EON-2 they hold their own. The EON's have the mixer with the eq so you can roll in more bass. The Opera's sound the same if you have your own EQ or mixer if you want more thud. I have both units in a rack along with exciter and compressor so the Opera's will kick even more so for sure. I'm going to set the Opera behind my stool and get blasted from behind.It lies on it's side on an angle very nicely so it's my cup of tea. In the old days I never had a monitor so it will be a real treat having one of those baby's kicking the drums out. Was going to go PM-3 but the Opera's were less and 400 watts will give me some head room (not that I'll need it ). The sub woofer of the PM-3's turned me on, but I'm sure with my mixer, eq, compressor set up the 15's will thud my kidneys into submission if needed. I stood back from the Opera's and they throw the sound. So if i get a gig where I cannot plug into a PA, the Opera's will do the job on it's own. I'm impressed with the quality of them and decided to get them as the funds become availible.

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