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    I am the proud ownner of a Session Set. I am going to start playing out soon and want to know a couple of things. First of all, is the PM3 enough to use for my monitor in a mid-sized club? I wanted to run the rest of the band into it as well so that I have monitor control. Next, does anyone have a suggestion on a headset mic? It is not enough that the band wants me to bring all those sounds to the table, they want me to sing lead sometimes too!! All of the mics that I have tried are kind of lacking in the dynamics department and they are not so comfortable either. I have a big voice and need something that can take that without distorting. Does AUDIX make a headset mic? HELP!!!


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    I would use the search function up above and tyoe in PM3. This subject has been covere and covered again. In a nutshell...its a personal monitor...very good for use in the home. I would not use it on stage. I guess if your band is real quiet you could....but do a search and get the concensus...
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