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  • TD-6/8/10/DM-Pro

    I get more confused the more I read. I'm about to just build my own e-drums. I want the Hart Giga-Pro set. I originally wanted the Alesis DM-Pro because it was suposedly more bang for the buck. I've been advised by many to get A Roland Mod. instead. Although, because of apparent compatability issues with Roland modules with "other than Roland pads" I don't know if that would be a good idea. I finally have the money and want to get something soon. HELP

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    It appears you are saying that you're leaning towards Hart pads.
    I want the Hart Giga-Pro set.
    If so, Hart says, and I believe guarantees, compatibility with all major manufacturers modules. They even have recommended settings on their website. They rate modules there, and it sounds like you may be nearly quoting them, and they really gush about the DM-Pro. I have never used that unit, so cannot offer comment on their review, but other reviews are less favorable. When in doubt, try it out. Try both, listen closely to both, decide what you need. One thing to consider, is that if sampling cabability is a big deal to you, or you'd sacrifice other things for it, consider the quality of the sampling features on any sample playing module vs. a sampler and an interface.

    As far as the Hart gear, quality stuff, and few companies have better service than those guys. Ask lots of questions. Make sure who you ask can be objective.


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        Originally posted by Marc.:

        Demo as much as possible, try the ddrum4 as well.
        Music was my first love...


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          If I were you, try both, the TD-10 and Dm Pro. I tried the TD-10, and would have bought them, but got a used Alesis D-5 for a good deal and made my own pads. I just ordered the Dm Pro but this is what I recommend. On the get go, give the TD-10, 6 or 5 a good work out. See the features and what you want. The Alesis samples are great, and so are any of the Roland products. The playing on my home made pads are is excellent. Since this is established, lets talk features. The strong point about the Dm Pro is sound quality, triggering, and sampling. It is rack mountable and in my case I have it in a SKB rack, with an EQ, exciter with big bottom, compressor, mixer, and noise gates. Very nice looking. The TD-10, IMHO has more features. The 10 sounds really nice also, but has built in songs, great for practicing, you can write drum parts, and it has nice click track. What features do you really want, really need and can do with or with out? I'm a big fan of the TD-10 and it is well built. Since this is a Roland forum, I'll not go into great details about the Alesis but the features suit my needs. None the less, give both a try. You will not go wrong with Roland or Alesis. I'm really appreciative this forum, these guys are great, and the information is top notch.


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            Gotta weigh in here on the TD-6. I finally got a chance to spend a small amount of time on this thing. Not enough to write a lenghty review (there are some excellent ones already on the board), but I must say I was impressed. It has definitely moved to the top of my 2nd module list. In fact, listening to some of the sounds and trying out the triggering/sensitivity made me more than a list pissed that I've shelled out 3x the $$ for the TD-10/TDW-1 combo.

            I'd say if you're looking in the DMPro price range ($500), you'll be doing yourself a huge favor by checking out the TD-6!


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              Ok! Thanx for the input guys. Very informative and eloquent, But how do I go about "demoing" various e-drums/mods. I have tried different v-drums at stores. However, as you all know it isn't easy finding a Hart or ddrum at the local G.C. to test drive. Not to mention the fact that Alesis, due to their current restructuring, doesn't even have any products in stores to test. So I have to rely on reading reviews and talking to people about them. As good a source that is I still get conflicting info about everything, good and bad. So can anyone suggest a way to demo the products without having to "buy everything."


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                Originally posted by snared:
                Ok! So can anyone suggest a way to demo the products without having to "buy everything."
                Hey snared,

                Erik Schaffer, who runs SEPDrums, has a new try before you buy program going. He won't send you a whole kit, but a module and a pad or two. Call him. He's a nice guy and will go out his way to help you out. Don't count out DDrum. 4 months ago I had narrowed my choices down to a Roland custom set or some kind of DMPro hybrid like you're considering. I'm glad I waited. A decent DDrum brain and triggered set combo can be had for under $2000 (I converted an old Rogers kit with Pearl muffleheads and red shot triggers). If you want to sound like the real deal, DDrum is the way to go. If you need more than 3-4 toms, lots of cymbals, and bells and whistles, go Roland. DMPro could be a cheap solution, but don't expect any product support. Word on the street says Alesis is out of the E-drum business for good.

                Call Erik. You'll be glad you did. And remember, there are a lot of options out there. Good luck!


                P.S. I may have gone with DDrum, but the guys here at the V-Drums board have been an invaluable resource. Kudos!


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                  Alesis is back in the groove. I contacted them and they were bought and continuing as planned. they are alive and well. I did forget to mention D Drum. I'm a big d Drum fan also. beautiful samples, great sounds. I guess I'm by-module. More like tri-module, Alesis, D Drum and Roland. I love em all, I'd own them all, but only have one kit. From what i'm reading the TD-6 sounds like a nice unit, though I only tried the TD-5 and TD-10 and both of them were great, especially put through a PA. I'm into rack mounting my processing gear so Alesis in the only one for me at this moment.


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                    Thanx for the update on Alesis, drumsonly2002. I was actualy gettin' woried that I may miss my chance at getting a DM-Pro new. Not that new is always that important. I did order a TD-10, however. Although, for my second module I intend on getting a DM-Pro.