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v-club td-6 preset kits???

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  • v-club td-6 preset kits???

    I am a total novice as everyone here can surely tell, but I promise that I will post very few dumb posts like this, after I purchase one soon...so bear with me for a second. I read that "The TD-6 has 10 preset percussion sets, and their contents cannot be changed. There are no user percussion sets, compared to two on the TD-8". So does that mean that I have 10 drum kits, and I can't swap out a snare in one of the kits or pick a different kick. No kit editability at all?? I am stuck with the drums exaclty as roland set them up?? Is that right or am I stupid (probably both!!hehe). Sorry for the dumb questions, I haven't played a edrum kit for 5 years, and have absolutley no experience with how they work, so I am just trying to get a few things straight before I lay down my money. thank you.

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    You get 99 preset drum kits, any one of which can be changed to your heart's content!



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      Hey, boyvox:

      The "percussion sets" have nothing to do with the "kits" that you'll dial up and play. The percussion sets are the dedicated collections of drum sounds that are used whenever you play back sequences on the TD-6. You cannot edit any of these sets with respect to what their sounds consist of, but you can change which set is assigned to a given sequence. The percussion sets on the TD-6 are as follows: Standard 1, Standard 2, Room, Power, Electronic, 808/909, Jazz, Brush, Perc Only, and Special. The MIDI Note range of each set is 18 to 96.

      Just as an example, Pattern 75 in the TD-6 is called "808HPHOP" and has Percussion Set #6 ("808/909") assigned as its default. Let's say that you think that all the keyboard sounds on the pattern are cool but don't care much for the drum sounds and would rather substitute one of the other 9 sets. The TD-6 will allow you to do this. So you go in and replace the "808/909" set with "Power". Everything's cool, but you then decide that the snare drum in the "Power" set is a bit too overwhelming and want to change it to a different snare. Well, this is where you'd be stuck, because the TD-6 does not allow you to edit any of the individual sounds contained within a Percussion Set. It's kind of a lesser "what you see is what you get" situation.

      And, in closing, remember not to confuse "Percussion Sets" with "Drum Kits". The Drum Kits are what you are playing via the pads, and, as HolShot said, there are 99 of them and they can be edited to your heart's content. Hope this helps!
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        Thanks, Mick. I learned something today!


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          Re TF6 patches.

          Any possibility that the TD6 patches are compatible with the TD10? The first 50 patches seemed to be the same as a TD10.

          Some of the second 50 sounded pretty good to me. I'd be interested in loading some of them into my Td10 if possible. Not sure as to where I'd need to start to see if they're somehow compatible though. Any suggestions?



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            thanks mick, that was just what i needed to know. i appreciate it a lot!