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The New V-Cymbals are a Waste of Money

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  • The New V-Cymbals are a Waste of Money

    I have been trying to get used to the new set of V-Cymbals I bought to replace my PD-7s and PD-9s to no avail. I just don't see where they are better at all - in fact, I like the PD-7s and PD-9s better and have returned the V-Cymbals to Musician's Friend for a refund. To me the only thing better was the look. As far as response and attack goes, the PD series are as good if not better.

    So much for my review.

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    It took a few sits at the local GC and Sam Ash to figure that the new V-cymbals weren't for me....then I played the CY-6 on the V-Club set. I like that one. Have you tried this?



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      When you went to GC and SA was the "trigger bank" set to 2 and were the cymbals mounted "loose"? These two fators make a HUGE difference.


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        Originally posted by johncota:
        I just don't see where they are better at all - in fact, I like the PD-7s and PD-9s better and have returned the V-Cymbals to Musician's Friend for a refund.
        [This message has been edited by johncota (edited August 03, 2001).]
        NO WAY - the new V cymbals are incredible AND much more realistic than the pads. Plus they sway like real cymbals so the feel is great and better for your arms, wrist, etc.. Today I was at Mars and the sets at 99.9% of all music stores are not set up properly. They need to be tweeked - it takes time but it's well worth it. I have to laugh when I see people here *****ing about the new V cymbals they are expensive, but they are a HUGE improvement! IMHO


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          Go with the CY-6's. They RULE!!!!


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            Okay, so let's say I didn't have the cymbals set up properly. Here's the way I see this. Roland shipped an incomplete product. A plug and play item like a cymbal SHOULD NOT require special tweeking, it should be SHIPPED THAT WAY. If there is a special card that is needed than the customer should be fore-warned about it and there should be a big flourescent label on the packaging telling the user about this.

            I bought the new updated card TDW1 for my TD-10 about a month before I bought the cymbals, not even knowing the V-Cymbals would require it. Now, I find out, that my version of the TDW1 doesn't have the V-Cymbal update (what's up with that?). So, now I find out I don't have the latest TDW1 and it's too late to call Musicians Friend on that one. What am I supposed to do, shell out another $350.00 to get the latest version of it?

            So, here we have a very poor release of a product by Roland if you ask me. I can assure you that for each person who feels that way and posts here represents thousands of users who don't post here. I bet Roland is getting a flood of returns on the V-Cymbals. The V-Cymbals may be everything that you say they are and more - but how were we to know they weren't a plug-and-play item like everything else Roland sells for the V-Drum series?


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              You can send your TD-10 to Roland and they'll upgrade your TDW1 for free, which is what I did. Personally, I give a thumbs up to the V-cymbals. I can't imagine too many V-cymbal buyers returning the product if they've set them up properly.



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                No way man! The V-cymbals are truely amazing. They are a huge leap forward in the technology of edrums.
                -Drumlogic, V-session, Visulite/roland cymbals, (2)Mackie srm-450's, bbe 482 sonic maximizer,


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                  I am going to show my support for the V-cymbals.

                  I love mine. The action is great, the increase in the size of the pad is great, even the play off the plastic is great. No, they are not perfect but Roland is well on their way. Also, to those who are upset about the TDW-1 situation (and I don't blame you), instead of complaining here, try calling Roland. They are a first-class company that knows how to take care of customers. Keep Rockin'


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                    I agree that the V cymbals just rock. I love them way better then the pads. You can't pass on the feel of the new V'cymbals. The CY-6 is a little tighter then the others but is still better than the PD-7 & 9's. I have 2 CY-14, 1 CY-15, 1 CY-14H, 1 CY-6 and a 16" Visu-Lite China and love them all.(this week I will be adding the mouse pad to the china to reduce noise. Thank how ever posted that hint.) I don't miss my PD's for cymbals at all and when I have to play the churches kit I really miss my V'Cymbals

                    Ted H.
                    Ted H.


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                      Here is another little known fact. The V Cymbals have metal under the thin rubber coating including the bell. This gives a more realistic responce and "swing".


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                        since im a mostly a jazz player, haveing the triple zone ride will be a big plus.


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                          I tried them for about two hours and really liked them but I find the price a bit steep for the moment (maybe next year for them). What I really liked was the ride and the hi-hats. As for the crashes they felt great but the most wear and tear on the wrists come from the ride and hi-hat.

                          They triggered well and gave me a pretty good response. I have been playing the ekits for about four years now and missed the swinging metal feel!

                          They are not for everyone I guess, especially that price!

                          Just my 2 cents...

                          Kelly Mercer
                          Halifax, Nova Scotia

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                            Originally posted by cliff:
                            When you went to GC and SA was the "trigger bank" set to 2 and were the cymbals mounted "loose"? These two fators make a HUGE difference.
                            I didn't look at the trigger banks. I wasn't disappointed with the sounds, it was the feel I didn't like (though I will point out that every time I tried the 3-zone ride cymb. the third sound was set to whatever sound was set to AUX 1 at the time -- chinas, cowbells, etc. which was somewhat amusing).


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                              If the unit is set to Trigger Bank 2 the sounds are totally different. You were probably playing on Trigger Bank 1 which not only affects the sounds but also the responce. The feel is determined by how tight the cymbal is mounted. With the V's..the looser the better. You should give them another try and set them up properly.