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Question about Hart tom pads

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  • Question about Hart tom pads

    For those of you who use or are familiar with the Hart Dynamics tom pads, I'd appreciate your input on the following:

    1. The Studio pads come in a black matte finish while the Pro pads come in a choice of Duroplate finishes. Are there any other differences between these two lines other than the finish? Is that correct? Does the Duroplate finish seem to be more durable (scratch resistant) than the black matte finish? I'm not sure I want to spend $20-30 more per pad if there's no difference other than cosmetics.

    2. If any of you have the white lacquer Duroplate finish, does it closely match the white finish of the Roland pads (PD-120)?

    3. Can Roland mesh heads be used with the Hart pads without sacrificing performance?

    Thanks for your help! I'm looking at getting a Roland module and PD-120 (to use as a snare pad) but I'm considering the Hart pads for my toms since they're significantly cheaper in price.


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    I have a Hart snare pad that broke apart inside and quit triggering correctly. The rim trigger would fire no matter where you hit the mesh head. I sent it back to them UPS, scheduled to arrive Thursday, August 23rd. I am anxious to see how quickly I get it back. It is part of a DMPro kit.

    I hate their cymbals! They are thick, hard plastic wedges mounted solid and very unrealistic feeling. They are noisy as heck to play! The ride/bell cymbal crosstalks no matter how you tweek the module. Sorry Hart Dynamics!!! I am sure better products are on the way!
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      The Hart Ecymbal IIs feel a lot better than the wedges (Ecymbal X), plus they look like regular cymbals.
      I'm sure, knowing the high standard of Peter Hart's products (I don't use them myself, but only because I didn't know about them when I bought my Vs), that the crosstalk problems you're experiencing are due to your module not been properly tweeked. Maybe someone here with a DM Pro can help you with your settings.

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        I have the chrome, Black and have owned so white ones I wished I would have kept the white but the people who suppied me with them wanted chrome .Anyway the finish is the only difference in the two pads some are dual trigger but the same electronics.Just like anything you have to take care of them I have road cases for my kits but the finish is pretty duriable. As far as the Hart tech support it is unmatched I e-mailed Mr.Hart on evening about 10 pm eastern about a problem I was having with my cymbal pads and 15 minutes later he called me at home and helped me out. I have called a few times when I was new to the e drum stuff and he always helped me out personally.
        I agree the Hart cymbal pads I do not like to many hot spots, piezoes and plexiglass don't mesh .The new roland CY6 pads work great with the Vdrum module I have tried the Yamaha pads and the Hart pads and the cy6 kick both in the butt for about the same price. I bought a Pd 120 to compare to my accusnare with and I did'nt see allot of deference so I sent it back , my tech is building me a pad like the PD120 .He took it apart before I returned it to see if he could build one.I use all the new modules in the studio and live the ddrum4 and the Vdrum expanded plus the DTX 2.0 and the Hart pads work fine for me just use a different cymbal pad. I have never used the PD 100 so I have not basis for comparison there. I hope this helps I am happy with my Hart pads and there Tech support.

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