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  • what is this

    I have come across an item called roland dp-2
    damper pedal. What does it do and what does it effect? Is this a good thing?

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    It's a momentary contact switch, commonly used as a sustain pedal for keyboards. It could be used as a footswitch to change kits, patterns etc. You'd want to Y it and have a second one to go up and down.


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      so if I understand you correctly, I should get two of them or one and then split the line.


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        Yes, you need one pedal to go down and one to go up. Most of these pedals are very inexpensive, so it's not a big expense. I believe Roland sells a pre-made Y for this purpose, perhaps someone can help with a model number.


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          Originally posted by Harlock:

          From experience, DP-2s are not Y'able to use as 'ups & down' switches... Boss' FS-5Us are...

          good luck
          What's the difference?? A switch and a switch?
          Music was my first love...