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(1) JBL EON G2 vs. (2) JBL EON POWER 15's.

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  • (1) JBL EON G2 vs. (2) JBL EON POWER 15's.

    I went to GC today to listen to the G2.
    We plugged a portable cd player right into it. This thing had some raw power. I couldnt help but notice the mids and ha bit of the highs were washed. I was up pretty close to it(That may have had somthing to do with it.)But the low end; I never had the G2 up past ~70% and I felt that low end in my kidneys.

    They only had 1 G2 setup. They quoted me $649. A little pricey. Some posts in here claim they got em for $520. I'm sure I can get the price down to at least $570?

    I wanted to hear somthing in stereo. I saw a pair of the JBL Eon Power 15's. They had those hooked up to a CD turntable. The firts thing in my head was the feel of the stereo. It WAS nice. The second thing i thought was, "Wheres the thump?". I cranked these babys and it still didnt feel what I needed to. These quoted out (I didnt bother haggling much) at $399 ea.

    One G2 for $650 or two EON15's for $800?

    I'm going with the one G2. To me, there was little contest 10 seconds into hearing the EON15's

    I also took a poke at the V-ses. again. This time coming out of a KC-500. That pice of s**t sounded like a riped paper bag with any kick drum patch I used. (They wanter $649 for it.)

    Thanks for all the help from this forum. This lil commune we got goin on here is preyy kool.