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PM Monitor System

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  • PM Monitor System

    At chuch we have the V-Pros in a monitor along with the guitars and piano. It is very difficult hearing what I want to hear (i.e. the drums) with all the other stuff. So getting a good mix out of the monitors is difficult. Has anyone used the Roland PM monitor system? Is this a worthwhile solution to the problem we are having? I would like to have the drums sound as good from the monitor as they do in the head phones.

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    Hi again Ronm,

    The PM-3 is great as a monitor. Others chose other solutions . . . if you search for PM-3 you'll find heaps of opinion about the product (and other products).

    As far as replecating the sound that you get through headphones - I doubt (because of the laws of physics and limitations of speakers) that you'll match the sound quality of the headphones (assuming that you have 'reasonable' phones). However, the PM-3 does have the advantage of the stereo speakers . . . search and ye shall find!

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      A sonic maximizer will help too, in addition to a good monitor.


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        I'd go with a Sonic Maximizer in conjuction with an outboard mixer, like a Behringer 16-channel. That way you can submix your drums with the Sonic Maximizer making you sound like a Million bucks, mix in your monitor signals and monitor the whole thing through your mixer's headphone out. It'd cost you about the same as a PM-3, but I feel it's far more flexible, not to mention how expandable a rig like that is. You shouldn't have any problems hearing yourself, either.

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