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TD-6 Hihat Control modified?

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  • TD-6 Hihat Control modified?

    I'm about to buy a Td-6 drumkit, but I have a question that feels pretty important.

    I've seen on a couple of homepages that the hihat control that comes with the TD-6 is a MODIFIED FD-7 ?

    Have you noticed any difference?

    Do the control have a midi-register from closed to open and any position in-between, or just an closed, half-open, and open position which I've read on a couple of homepages?


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    The pedal you're referring to (the FD-6) is a "modified" FD-7 only in the mechanical sense. It doesn't have that annoying throw rod that the FD-7 has, and I actually preferred it to the FD-7. It just struck me as a smoother, more natural feeling pedal, although I realize that not everyone would necessarily agree with that assessment. As far as the electronics in the FD-6 are concerned, it's the same pedal as the FD-7....
    TD-30 / SPD-SX /Alesis Strike Multipad