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Quick MIDI Question: No. of Channels?

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  • Quick MIDI Question: No. of Channels?

    I plan on interfacing my Akai S6000 sampler with the TD-10 VDrum Module (soon to be bought), triggering snares, and kicks, etc that I have compiled over the years.

    I want to set this up so that the snare (PD 120 pad) triggers whatever sound I have set-up on MIDI Channel 1 on my Akai; the kick triggers MIDI Channel 2; Hat 3; Toms 4; Cymbals 5, and so on.

    I do DEFINATELY NOT want all pads to be routed through the SAME MIDI Channel as this defeats the amazing 'Multi-Mode' mixing capabilities of my Akai.

    All sounds routed into the same program? urg, no thanx...

    I ask as I remember reading that the V-Drum module/s can only send signals through channel 10. Surely this cannot be right can it?