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Pedal alternatives?

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  • Pedal alternatives?

    Does anyone have a good recommendation for increment +/- pedals? "TFM" says Roland will sell me two (FS5U) pedals and some sort of split cable for this purpose. (I want to be able to change kits up and down, etc., with my foot.) I did a search and found a link to a picture of the FS5Us and they look like they have slots to join them together. It also appears I can buy my own 1/4inch stereo male to 2 mono male cable rather than the Roland cable if I go this route. If anyone has two FS5U pedals I'd be curious as to how they perform and if they stay put pretty well. If they are crap, I'd be interested in a solid alternative. Especially considering it looks like these are around $24 each. What say ye?

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    Hi Doc.

    I have a couple of FS5U's. They work just fine . . . yes you can have them fixed together as one item, and yes you can use your own cable.

    Whilst they are very well built, and seem quite durable, they are quite light in weight, and so can move about a little. However you could stop this with a couple of strips of velcro (like with the HH Controler).

    There are alternatives, but I didn't look into these.

    I initially bought mine to change kits up and down etc. After a while it became apparrent that it was just as easy, if not easier (for me) to use the big + & - buttons on the TD-8.

    The FS5U's are now used as two additional triggers through my SPD6 (cowbell and reverse crash).

    Anyway . . . too much info!
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      I use a keyboard Sustain/mute pedal. The model number is VFP2. I think its a Yamaha But I'm not sure. It's basically two pedals next to each other in "Piano style". Works great and stays put.


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        If you look at how the pedals work, you could probably make a pretty cool one yourself with parts from Radio Shack.