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Keeping new drum kits after loading memory card

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  • Keeping new drum kits after loading memory card

    Hi All first time sender
    Iwas wordering if it is possible to use new drumkits from the expandsion board after installing td-10 original data back from a memory card Thanks -B

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    Press "Tools" button, then F1 [Copy] and scroll the dial to search for the desired kit. You will find:

    1. The original TD-10 kits (pre-TDW-1)
    2. The user kits (actual kits from 1 to 50)
    3. New kits from the TDW-1
    4. If you have a card, 50 kits from it.

    Options 1 and 3 are from ROM memory therefore you have to copy the kit to a user memory slot to be able to use it, and edit it.


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      Yes, when your on the screen that you copy the TD-10 data from the card you can also scroll through the TDW-1 kits and exchange/copy to user kits. You will notice with the card in that you can scroll through TD-10, TDW-1, and Card kits for exchange/copy to the user area.


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        Beat me there Pierre