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TD-6 with PD80R

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  • TD-6 with PD80R

    Picked up the v-club today. Very nice for practice... Just wanted to add that I tried the 80R snare pad with the kit before I brought it home and it worked like a charm, with the rim firing beautifully.

    The only catch is you have to tell the module that you have plugged that type of pad into the snare plug. You also have to find a snare in the module that has a good rim click. The jazz snares work pretty well.

    I've read all the discussion about this up to now, and there seems to be some confusion on this point. Just want everybody to know that it seems to work well.

    Hope this helps...
    DTX950, UX8, Logic

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    Yes, it works with the PD-80r (Roland has a pic of the "expanded" V Club with one) But not the PD-120.


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      not sure about the technical info, but I was able to select a different voice for the rim of the 80r, independent of the snare.

      particularly, i chose the jazz snare rim, because it gave me that nice stewart copeland click sound. once i had that, i played around with various snare voices independently.

      I did notice that many of the snares have a rim sound that is only slightly removed from the snare pad... my impression is that the feature was working but most of the rim sounds weren't very useful.

      DTX950, UX8, Logic


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        you have a pd80r just sitting around taking up space? I'll be glad to give it a good home...
        DTX950, UX8, Logic


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          Where is the second piezo on the PD80R ? I seem to remember looking and not being able to find it.


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            Props to you, Nate. You're absolutely right about the dual-trigger-capable Snare jack on the TD-6. And it does work with the PD-120 as well!!

            After reading Nate's post I realized that I never bothered to change the Trigger Type to "PD-120" when I plugged in my own PD-120 to test this! Duh! It was set with the default "PD-6" setting and consequently only reading as a single-trigger pad.

            Okay, now that I've admitted my stupidity let me say that after I made the proper adjustment everything was rockin'! It is indeed independent triggering, not a crossfade or velocity-switching effect.

            I mentioned this in a previous post, but it does say on page 37 of the TD-6 manual "when using rim shots on the PD-80R or PD-120, connect the pad to TRIGGER INPUT 2 (SNARE)." It's unfortunate that we're getting conflicting information between Roland Tech Support and the manual....

            It's also important to note that the PD-80R and the PD-120 do not have the same Trigger Type setting! From page 36 of the manual:

            TRIGGER TYPE


            Could this be the answer to the mystery?

            No matter, the TD-6 rules even more now!!

            Thanks again, Nate!


            TD-30 / SPD-SX /Alesis Strike Multipad