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Best price for V-Customs in UK ?

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  • Best price for V-Customs in UK ?

    Has anyone had recent experience of buying a set of V-Customs in the UK ? What price did you pay and from where, and which rack came with the set. Thanks very much.

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    Probably Electro-music in Doncaster,Wembley Drum Centre or Birmingham Drum Centre.

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      Sound Control are usually pretty cheap (nationwide chain) or perhaps Action Music (08457 697188) or there was this company in Morecambe, 'Big Discount Warehouse' (01524 400999) who seemed to be quite cheap. I bought my TD-8 module from Action Express (605), so they probably sell full kits too.

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        I bought my V-Pros from www.musicians-gear.com in Germany. Took about 2 weeks and I saved about 50% off uk the price at the time. We get ripped off over here big-style.


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          I have bought a V-Custom set with 2 CY6 cymbals instead of 2 of the pads. It comes with the chrome Dixon rack. I recently sold my DTXpress kit and am upgrading to this one. I will be getting the kit this weekend. I will post some impressions after I have used it for a little while.