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An Observation On TD-6 Reviews

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  • An Observation On TD-6 Reviews

    Great review Mick & others. Your input is gold. Nice re-hashing job Chris. I still never tire of reading your broken-record tech data. It's always fresh to me. Don't stop. The TD-6 sounds like great value so far. Still, if it had been around when I was 1st demoing sets, I doubt I would have picked it. The mesh pads totally blew away that rubber stuff hands down! The rubber stuff is OK for peripheral sounds that are hard & rigid anyways e.g. temple blocks, cowbells, tambourines, vibes, gongs, etc. And now V-Cymbals!? Seems like one day I'll have to break down and do the Grail & Shack thing to feed the monster. Once again, great work Mick, Chris and gang.


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    Originally posted by feefer:

    Jus' kiddin ya, but that really took a bit of time and thought to put together: I had to go back and correct it today, since I posted incorrect info. (and you apparently didn't catch it).

    As long as you did it on work time, you are golden!



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      Originally posted by feefer:
      In fact, I'd get rid of one of those unexpanded TD-10's and get a TD-6, if I were you. Probably spice up the sound with a bit of variety, I'd think.
      Hi Chris,

      I'll keep my TD-10's, I don't normally buy stuff to unload at some later time. My focus was more on the pads rather than the sounds and you have to admit the mesh pads are in a totally different ballpark than the rubber-stuff found on the TD-6 (let alone the injury-potential the rubber stuff can induce). The Td-10 sounds are acceptable to me. If I wanted spicier sounds, it seems the consensus here is that a sampler or such would be superior to a TD-6/8. I would go that route.



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        Originally posted by feefer:
        They have my body, since I'm physically at work: am I also expected to think about it?
        Chris, I know what you do...if I was in your clients' position, I'd hope you weren't thinking about triggering settings and MIDI...



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          Originally posted by feefer:
          I think that whole'injury from playing a rubber pad' thing is a bit overstated: hit anything hard enough (including mesh heads with their inflexible rim), and you may develop tendonitis.
          Overstated? In some circles perhaps. And don't forget carpal tunnel. I was surprised to learn that both Keith Emerson & Carl Palmer had to go under the knife. I'd guess Keith's was due to performing on the keys while standing all those years and Palmer? Well as you said, and he is a heavy hitter.

          Grip & playing style are two major keys to injury avoidance. The third? The surface you are striking. Bottomline : All things being equal, with rubber pads, the damage (if it is to happen) happens sooner, not later.

          Regardless, most here will agree that the mesh heads are a slam-dunk over the rubber pads, don't you? Again, 2 kits being equal except for the pads (mesh vs rubber), ... come on, ...'fess up now.



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            Jeff Pocaro used to say he had a problem with combination kits, real snare kick, rubber toms because he couldn't tell how hard he was hitting going from the real snare into the rubber toms. I used to play the old Roland pads and after 5 or 6 hours my arms just felt worn out, no wrist pain but the shock waves went right up my arms.
            Drumkat Turbo 4.5, Emulator X3, Superior 2.1, Roland Fantom XR, DTXtreme III, SPD-20 etc.......


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              [QUOTE]Originally posted by feefer:
              Before we get on our high-horse and condemn those darned rubber pads ...

              High horse? Condemnations? What you smokin'?

              stop to think of those even harder, more inflexible objects known as hi-hats and cymbals....

              Inflexible hi-hats and cymbals? If you're talkin acoustics here, maybe yours, but mine are always flexible, never tightened down.

              I think I wouldn't given anything to have had a set of V-Clubs when I was younger and poorer; let's not deny the more strapped V-Drummers their fun now, by saying their pads suck, OK?

              Oh, quit your whinin'. I said the Club was a great value at the very start. Pay attention son. And any inferrence to rubber pads sucking is only in your head. There's people around here that swear by the rubber pads. OK, I suppose I should have prequeled my observations and critique with a " For me ..." . There, calm now?

              A reputable (and somewhat controversial) study ...blah, blah, blah* ...if there's something new to add.

              *Didn't want to bore the board with the entire text a 2nd time.

              Although I'm not quite as current as most on these "medical" issues, one study is always conflicting with another, and for me it reminds me everytime I read the "latest" archaelogical discoveries regarding evolution. They all contain the following two quotes (not always verbatim but close) ...

              1. "The discovery calls into question a widely held theory ..."

              2. "The evidence isn't good enough to say a great deal yet..."

              OK - I gotta throw in one more, another one of my favorites :

              "Many experts in human origins argued ..."

              Medical studies and discoveries are not as abstract as evoltionary theories granted, but one should not hold medicine as a finished art either. Everyone will exhibit their own unique reactions to similar stimuli.



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                The only real damage I've had in the last twenty years came from a snare drum with die cast rims. I now have a ganglion sist on the top of my left hand just below my wrist from repeated rimshots on that damn rim. I found that even with rubber pads and the right amplification, 400 watt bi-amped, elevated 4 feet from my head, the impact is far less than with acoustic drums and I don't get as fatigued either physicaly or db sickness. I think because there are fewer low mids impacting my eardrums.
                Drumkat Turbo 4.5, Emulator X3, Superior 2.1, Roland Fantom XR, DTXtreme III, SPD-20 etc.......


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                  I know it's off topic but when you start talking about pain I'm interested. (Oh, that sounds dodgy doesn't it.)

                  At the moment my wrist pain has moved into my thumb tendons. Every body has a different body, I can only say what I feel and that is that the PD7s and 9s hurt my thumb and I can't wait to get some CY-6s.

                  I'm practising using only my feet and left hand at the moment hoping that in a month I can play properly again. Actually I recommend this for anyone - practice without your best limb. I am discovering loads of new things and when I can eventually play again I think I'll be loads better.

                  Kind of on topic again. The PD8s (I think it's 8) that come with the Club kit felt much nicer (softer) than PD7s and 9s when I tried the kit in a shop.

                  DJourg, how is it going?


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                    [QUOTE]Originally posted by feefer:
                    ...hit anything hard enough (including mesh heads with their inflexible rim)

                    Hi Chris,

                    I peice of text kept knawing at me, and suddenly I focused in on the term "inflexible rim". Curious. Are you implying that "flexible" rims exist? I will confess. My last A-drum purchase was my Ludwigs back in '70 and they're still goin' strong (just leant them out to a nephew). As such, I have not monitored drum manufacturing technology evolution very close. Have some great/revolutionary things happened to the convential acoustic set that have passed me by? All that I've noticed from a peripheral perspective is : the hardware "looks" beefier and some companies seem to be putting "floor" toms on stands. Also, I noticed a lot of acoustic sets seem to be incorporating racks. Is this primarily for looks, easier/quicker setup, less gear? Somebody, bring this dinosaur up to speed if you don't mind.



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                      I'll put "ten" on Feefer - if he takes the gloves off.


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                        Originally posted by feefer:
                        I was referring to the rubber-coated rims ...
                        Oh, OK. I must have read it backwards. Aw shucks, I was hopin' somethin' new had come along. Thnx.



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                          Been meaning to update but been very busy!

                          Quick update, then:

                          Saw 2 different doctors for second and third opinions. Was going to do a fourth but those waiting room durations...almost two hours each appointment, after a nearly two-week wait to fit into the busy doctors' schedules....

                          Each one said, as had been said here: don't get surgery unless you have a positive EMG test. Each strongly urged physical therapy. One doctor switched me from celebrex to vioxx (NSAIDs).

                          Had an EMG done. Always fun. Wish I could get that static neural sound out of the TD-10ex. Guess I need a sampler.

                          EMG result: Normal.

                          Been seeing physical therapists for the last four weeks. I'd seen therapists before, but they didn't do nearly as much to me as these guys do. They really work on my arms: they massage/stretch my forearms/wrists, apply ultrasound, put me on an exercise machine.

                          Then, very important: they ice me down after every session. They've advised me to ice down after every heavy wrist/arm use session, whether its drumming, typing, or installing drywall (which I did 2 weeks ago. Do not buy a house.)

                          So I ice down every day after work, or after I drum, or whenever I feel I've overworked the arms. I use frozen peas.

                          (CPGrossman I haven't forgotten that you were the one who first advised me about the icing)

                          Still going to physical therapy, doing exercises and stretches at home (been less than dilligent with those however).

                          I will continue phys. thpy. Some improvement is occuring, though not out of the woods yet. I would continue even if I was cured because one of the therapists is achingly cute. Married, alas.

                          Surgery indefinitely postponed.

                          Many friends and loved ones advised me to get second and third opinions before agreeing to surgery; I give credit to all on this site who also did the same. You guys helped.

                          Thanks all. Updates when things get interesting.



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                            Originally posted by DJourg:
                            Many friends and loved ones advised me to get second and third opinions before agreeing to surgery; I give credit to all on this site who also did the same...
                            Aw gee wilikers DJ, I thought we were your friends & loved ones

                            Thnx for the update!

                            Take care & our best,
                            The gang


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                              Originally posted by feefer:
                              For once, something Marc. and I agree on
                              GASP! You mean, (sob) you don't think, (moan) Vanilla Fudge is the greatest thing since Peanutbutter & Jelly?