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shack attack w/RCA cord

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  • shack attack w/RCA cord


    Maybe someone can help me...my pads ('cept for the accupad snare) are all RCA-type (logiztix design). They seem to respond well, however I haven't been able to "shack attack" 'em ...any thoughts on this?

    BTW...I'm using a TD10exp

    Thanks in advance.
    DMPro rookie, TD10 newbie

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    Aloha Chris,

    Sorry for being vague...should've been more specific. My pad inputs are RCA jacks, instead of the usual 1/4 jacks like the ones found on most pads (Roland, Hart, etc.) Am I mistaken in assuming that since they are RCA jacks, that they could NOT be stereo inputs...and therefore unable to do the "shack" thing? I believe it was you that posted this:

    "1) Get a (2) female stereo to (1) male stereo "Y" cable.

    Got one

    2) Plug the male end of stereo "Y" into Kick 1 input of TD-10.

    Did that

    3) Plug one end of stereo cable into a PD-80, and the other into female end of stereo "Y".

    Using Accupad instead of PD-80

    4) Plug one end of stereo cable into a KD-80, and the other end into a Shack Adapter, which is then plugged into the remaining female end of "Y" cable."

    This is where my kick pad (with RCA input), is used instead of KD-80. In my searches, I've only been able to find RCA-to-1/4 mono cables, or 1/4 stereo male to L/R "Y" RCA. Is there a work around for my particular situation?

    Thanks for your help Chris...(or anyone that my lend some insight)

    DMPro rookie, TD10 newbie


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      Aloha feefer,

      I checked out your mp3's...I thought it sounded very cool, and I would like to try this, as well as other similiar things.

      What I'm getting at the moment is...nothing out of either pad. Here's how I have things set up:

      * stereo y plugged into td10
      * accupad (stereo 1/4" single input, dual trigger - head & rim) with stereo 1/4" to 1/4" cable plugged into "shack adapter", plugged into one of the "y" female ends
      * kick pad (mono rca single input, single trigger - head) with mono 1/4" to rca cable plugged into other "y" female end

      When this configuration didn't work, I switched the "shack adapter" from the accupad to the kick pad....same result...nothing.

      I've also tried different trigger pad settings. But still nothing.

      Thanks! Mickey
      DMPro rookie, TD10 newbie