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Disappointed with new V-Cymbals

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  • Disappointed with new V-Cymbals

    Last week I plunked down around a grand on a new ride, hi-hat, and crash cymbals from the new V-Cymbal series. I was greatly disappointed to say the least. They don't impress me as being any better than the PD9 and PD7 pads at all in response or accurate sensitivity - they are just closer to the shape of a real cymbal. On the ride cymbal, you have to smack the bell very hard to get it to respond - much unlike a real ride cymbal. The crash cymbal seemed too sensitive, and the hi-hats just are not any better in response than the original hi-hat cymbals that came with my Pro set (which, by the way, were not too bad to begin with).

    Until now I have never been disappointed with any of my Roland gear. I own the full V-Drum set, an older set of Rolands with the PM16 and four triangle pads that I midi daisy-chain to incorporate them into my V-Drum set, a Roland JD800 synth, a Roland VS880EX digital recorder, a Roland MC50 sequencer, several Roland effects processors, and a Roland GT3 guitar effect unit.

    I was really placing my hopes on these new cymbals to have been more like real cymbals, but I don't feel like there is really any improvement over the PD7s and PD9s at all except in look maybe. I am seriously considering getting some real cymbals, a small mixer, and some high-end cymbal mics - but then if I go that route, why not just go back to a full traditional acoustic set? The whole idea of having the V-Drums to begin with was for "plug-n-play". No micing, no mic cables, no bad mixes, etc. When we go back to real cymbals to get accurate response, we get away from the reason why we bought the V-Drums to begin with.

    As a long-time die-hard Roland user, I say, "TRY AGAIN ROLAND." You guys missed the mark this time. But, even the best of us are not perfect ALL the time - LOL!

    Has anyone else had this same experience? Am I doing something wrong? Are there sensitivity adjustments that need to be made to the TD10 (I already have the expansion card already installed) to accommodate the cymbals? Thanks!

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    From reading the posts on this site I've learned that there are two versions of the TDW-1. The latest version (I believe ver 2.5 12/08/00) has added dynamics for the v cymbals. Check what version you have and do a search for TDW-1 or v cymbals.


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      Is your expansion card the V Cymbal type? If so, set the trigger bank to 2 if you have not already done so. Set the Threshold to 0 for all. This really improves the Hi Hat.Playing the Hi Hat edge is much more natural than the PD-9. Make sure the Crash and Ride are "loose" on the booms so they move very freely. I have more ideas but try the following first.


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        Originally posted by johncota:
        Last week I plunked down around a grand on a new ride, hi-hat, and crash cymbals from the new V-Cymbal series.

        Without a test-drive?

        Am I doing something wrong? Are there sensitivity adjustments that need to be made to the ...

        Don't the new pads come wit a manual? I know that KD/PD-X come with their own manual and recommended settings.


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          Have you ever tried test driving in a mail order catalog? My sticks tear through all the pages (LOL - I hate it when that happens)! No, I haven't checked the manual yet. I thought it would be easier to just ask here first - experience speaks louder than textbook anyway - especially when most of Roland's instruction manuals were translated from Chinese by a Chinese interpreter! Have you ever tried to read an English-version VS880EX manual? Forget it! They had to come out with an American-produced instructional video for anyone to really ever figure the thing out. But, now I'm getting off in another direction, sorry. Thanks for the tips!


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            Well, I just checked my TD-10 and I do not have the V-Cymbal Control version of the TDW-1 - only the original Expanded version. Perhaps I judged too soon? We shall see, and I shall repent publicly if necessary (LOL!).

            I just bought that expansion board from Musician's Friend about a month or so back. Wonder why I didn't get the V-Cymbal control version? So, where from here?


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              All of your problems have been discussed in detail -- try doing a <a href="http://www.vdrums.com/ubbbin/search.cgi?action=intro&default=3">search query</a> on "v-cymbal" or "cy-". You might have to wade through a lot of info but it will be worth it. Personally I am satisfied with the ride and crash, but not the hi-hat. Like Cliff said, make sure you have them loose so they can swing a bit.
              Roland TD-20 v1.08, various v-drums and v-cymbals, Yamaha KP65's, Axis pedals, Gibraltar hardware, Mackie 1202/SRM450 (pre-china)


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                No I don't think you are doing anything wrong -- The cymbals are not much of an improvement over the PD-7 and PD-9 -- You may even discover that the PD-9 is better (Like I did) -- Since you don't have to bang they hell out of it to get a rim/bell shot -- and it is easier to trigger the rim area of the PD-7 than the new CY-15 crash..

                I wonder if people like Cliff have ever played the PD-7 and PD-9 for any amount of time.


                Denver, CO
                Vpro Drummer


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                  Send it back to Roland and I do believe that they will upgrade for free. You pay the shipping of course. I'd also get in touch with Musician's Friend and ask what the heck is going on. Also as I said before search this site for TDW-1 and cymbal control. A lot of useful info here.


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                    John's first post in this thread is the very reason I went a different route when setting my first V_drum setup: bought two roland cy-6's (one for highhat and one for crash), and two VISU-LITE's (ride and crash) I would sell the V cymbals on Ebay and check out the other cymbal options...


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                      I love my v-cymbals the feel is great much better then the PD-7 I was using. The sensitivity of the CY-14 I had to turn way down so I could roll on the cymbal and not get load crashes on little accents. I just added a CY-6 to my set and it seems to be working great. If you can live without your v's for a couple of weeks or pay Roland $10 to ship the TDW-1 back to you in a week I would send the TDW back to Roland for the free upgrade. Well worth it in my opnion. The cool thing about sending your TDW in is that your settings do not get wiped out, when you get it back from Roland all your stuff is still set just like it was before you removed it only now you have cymbal control. I have had no problem with the bell of my ride. My wrist are the biggest benifactor of the new cymbals I love the way the swing just like the real thing. I won't get carried away and sell the V-Cymbals just yet, the Visu-Lites are nice but a little loud(I am not bashing Visu-Lite I use a Visu-Lite china and love it) and the looks of the CY-6 is not as nice as the CY-14's. The HH works well with me also I think I just like the size of it, never had a complaint with the PD-7 as a HH. Just as a side note, if anyone is looking to add extra cymbals to there kit and want to use the Sound Percusion cymbal boom, the thread size is bigger then the thread of the wing nut Roland gives you. I have my CY-6 mounted on it know and I have almost no swing at all and the wing nut and felt are not even on. I will be switching my china boom with the new sound percussion boom to get more swing for my CY-6.

                      Ted H.
                      Ted H.


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                        Originally posted by Stixx777:
                        I will be switching my china boom with the new sound percussion boom to get more swing for my CY-6.

                        Hey, where do you get your Sound Percussion gear. I can't find a local store that has them????



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                          Yes, I used both 7's and 9's for over a year.


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                            Well, I think these are all going back to Musician's Friend for a full credit. I'm going to just buy more PD9s to plug into the extra inputs on my PM16. Thanks!


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                              Don't know what you expect from e-cymbals (for practicing they seem great to me, as well as the pd7/pd9 pads) but for all kind of playing techniques and the ultimo feel acoustic cymbals still are the best.