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Roland Ride????

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  • Roland Ride????

    I have been asking about the Hart and the Visu-Lite ride for a few weeks, and I am still not sold on either. Now I have a question about the Roland ride. If you only want to use it as a 2 zone ride, will it only take up one input on a unexpanded TD-10? From reading, to get a 2 zone sound out the the Hart ride, would take up 2 inputs. I wantedd to see if the Roland uses 2 or 1???? Sorry if this is confusing.

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    Roland CY-15R Ride (2 zone) takes 1 input just like a PD-9.


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      The ride only takes 2 inputs if you want postional sensing with 3 zones, bell, bow and edge sounds. With 1 input you get your choice of bell/bow or bow/edge. I like the ride a lot. I am using the 2 inputs and love it. Of course I added a SPD-11 for extra inputs to make up for the loss.

      Ted H.
      Ted H.