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Sound card for a laptop (PCMCIA/USB)?

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  • Sound card for a laptop (PCMCIA/USB)?

    My girlfriend has a fairly nice Gateway laptop, but all it has is audio out (headphone jack).

    She'd like to record digital audio and MIDI with her keyboard, does anyone know of a not-too-expensive sound card for a laptop?

    She's got both PCMCIA and USB, I'm not sure which would be best. Anyone have any experience or opinions here? The PCMCIA sound cards I've seen seem pricey.



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    Midiman has a new USB interface out now called "Quattro"

    24 bit A/D conversion and 1x1 midi in and out..

    all for around $225......sweet...


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      I'm using a RolandED UA-30 USB Audio interface to record digital audio into my laptop. It's not too expensive compared to the PCMCIA sound cards. The drawback of this unit is that it doesn't have MIDI capabilities. Because of this, I bought a RolandED UM-2 USB MIDI interface. This costs under $100 bucks.

      They've both been great units and easy to use with my laptop, but there are a lot of choices for USB audio interfaces these days.