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  • Hart/Ware????????????

    Hi guys,
    Has anyone seen or used a Hart/Ware E-Pedal? When I bought my V-Pros, this pedal was set up with the display model with a bent beater triggering the KD-7. The guy at the store threw it in on the deal because he wasn't sure where it came from. It apparantly has it's own trigger inside, but I experimented with it by unpluging my KD-7 and plugging directly into the pedal. It didn't trigger my TD-10 at all. I figure either it doesn't work, or I'm not using it properly. I don't really need it and I didn't pay for it, so it doesn't really matter so much....just wondering? Thanks

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    you might have to change the trigger type in the triger windows.

    press setup ... then triggers

    good luck.

    ps: if you still can't get it to work.
    send it to me...:-)...i'll pay for the shipping cost. Thanks


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      The EPEDAL is a variable hh controller pedal. To my knowledge it does not work as a bass drum trigger, but I have never tried this.

      If I can assist you e-mail me.

      Thank you,

      Peter Hart