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TDW-1 new price

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  • TDW-1 new price

    I have yet to get one of these, but the newest Asm Ash mailer that came out today has NEW ones listed for $289.99. How low are these going to get? I keep waiting and they keep going down in price.

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    The best price I could find today was at: http://www.woodwindbrasswind.com/pro....jsp?node=4239

    They are selling the TDW-1 at 249.00



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      I think that as a rule these can be had for $245-$260...I bought mine at Guitar Center almost a year ago for $245. That has seemed to be the going rate....
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        Hi everyone,

        I'm new to this site so please forgive me if I ask a redundant question. How many versions of the expansion card have there been?. I bought my card when they first came out, and I'm wondering if it has 3 zone cymbal compatibility for the new cymbals. Thanks in advance for the help!


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          1 version to date.

          If you bought it when it first came out, you do not have the V-cymbal 3 zone control.
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            New Roland TDW-1 for $206 from www.drummusic.com. Since they're in Europe, keep an eye on the shipping costs as that may eat up some of the savings vs. other alternatives.

            Interesting to note they also have CY-6's for $67/each, but again shipping adds some to that. Mine are also on backorder for another week.