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V-Pro and TD-10 owners: (follow-up)

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  • V-Pro and TD-10 owners: (follow-up)

    Well, I did it. I went to SamAsh.com and ordered a set of V-Pro's for $2,999 and free ground shipping. It's a shame that zZounds was sold out of the "b-stock" v-pros, but oh well, life continues and I'm still getting them cheaper than at musician's friend. Anyway, You know how whenever you get a new toy, you just can't wait for it to arrive, and you just have all this excitement built up, and you're absolutely positive that this new toy is going to be the best thing in the world? And then once it arrives and you get it all set up, it looks like this monolithic pillar of perfection? And once you start playing with it, you start to find all these little faults that you didn't anticipate, and you start to feel disappointed and depressed, and wonder if you should return it? Well, I'm famous for that feeling, so if anyone and everyone could please write of their negative experiences with Roland V-pads and/or the TD-10, I'm hoping I can anticipate all of these minor faults and have a much more enjoyable experience with my new drums which should hopefully arrive before my birthday (july 1) but will most likely arrive sometime thereafter.

    thanks everyone!


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    It's already been done. Use search engine.



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      Don't worry, Adam. I freaked out big time right before and for a week after purchasing my V's, mainly because of the $$$ and the--shall we say--ensuing life change it would bring.

      It was nearly the same mental crisis I had when I bought my first computer a few years ago: damn, this thing is expensive! Did I buy the right model? Where will I put it? What if I don't use it? What if I use it too much and play with it too much instead of doing other things?

      Life is wonderfully simple without lots of material goods, but some material goods are a helluva lot of fun. V-Drums, I've found, are a helluva lot of fun.

      Enjoy your drums!