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Anyone know Yamaha EP75?

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  • Anyone know Yamaha EP75?

    Hi folks. I'm a new and novice electronic drum player. Bought a slightly used V-Pro system that for some reason has a pair of EP75's included, which I was told were superior cymbals. I've looked all over the net for any info on these pads, and can't find anything... even at the Yamaha site. I'm now suspecting they're old stuff that no one carries anymore.

    Each pad has two output jacks: rim and pad. I'm trying to figure out how the cabling works. In other words, do I need two cables per pad, or is there some kind of cable joiner that I should use?

    Any info you can offer would be most appreciated.

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    Old as the hills, yes sir.

    I had one one EP 7.5 on an old kit. Worked quite well. I used to use two cables with mine because it was plugged into an old Yamaha TMX drum module.

    I figure one stereo to two mono cables may work.

    Just a guess, try it.

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      Thank you. I'll try it with two cables. If that's not satisfactory, I'll go to standard Roland gear.

      Originally posted by Harlock:
      My guess would be to use two cables into two inputs if you have a TD10... You could use a split in inputs 1/2 and 11/12 on the TD-8...