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Which are the best cymbals for TD-10

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  • Which are the best cymbals for TD-10

    I am in the market for a new set of cymbals. What I need to know is, what are the best eCymbals to use with the TD-10 module? I am looking for good response, feel, low stick noise and price. Any help here would be appreciated.
    V-Pro w/ Roland Cymbals (CY14C,CY15R,CY6), BBE 462, Mackie 1202-VLZ

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    I personally wouldn't use them for hi-hats or rides, but I'm probably one of the very few people on this site (Harlock is the only other one I can think of off the top of my head) that's had a chance to try out the full range of Roland's V-cymbals (CY-12H/CY-14C/CY-15R/CY-6) and I personally prefer the CY-6s over the CY-14s for crashes. As I've stated before, they're essentially the same thing, but the CY-6s are about $150.00 a pop cheaper. You could buy five CY-6s for the price of two CY-14s. As far as rides and hi-hats are concerned, I think I'm sold on the Roland hats (although a check of some other posts will show that's not the case for everyone), I'm not too sure about the ride. It's that damn bell! Unless someone comes up with the magic settings for the ride, I very possibly see myself using two separate pads (a PD-9 and a PD-7) to achieve properly isolated, controllable, and playable bow and bell ride sounds. I think I'm going to go with the Visu-lites for China cymbals. They're cheap, they look cool, and I wouldn't imagine you would have to be as fussy with playing China-type pads as you would be with others.....
    TD-30 / SPD-SX /Alesis Strike Multipad


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      Originally posted by drumbeat8u:
      I am looking for good response, feel, low stick noise and price. Any help here would be appreciated.
      Ditto on the CY-6s for crashes, splashes, etc. I have the V-Session with all the V-cymbals. I like the hat fine. The ride could be better but is acceptable to me. And the CY-14s are great. However, the CY-6s have no appreciable difference response and playability wise from the CY-14s. So I just ordered two to add to my kit. More bang for the buck. You might shop around for a ride. I have tried most of the more popular brands, but not all, but I haven't found one I'd trade mine on yet.


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        I like Roland's new cymbals alot. I have no problem with the ride or the Hi-Hat other than they were expensive. I am also happy with my Visu-Lite china. So happy in fact that I will be buying more Visu-Lite prudcts. You can check out my threads on this topic in the products forum.

        Ted H.
        Ted H.


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          I have a Roland V series TD 10. I’ve had it awhile, bought used from a friend. The cymbals now are starting to a give an unpredictable sound. Sometimes it gives a huge crash sound and sometimes just slight —when hit on the bow of the cymbal. I have cy 14 that is doing this. So do these cymbals wear out and just need to be replaced? Can I get a cy 6 cymbal and program it to be a crash or ride?’according to the manual I ought to be able to but are the cymbals interchangeable? How do you know when to throw out a cymbal? Is there a repair place? It says the cymbal is dual trigger. Today I programmed a tambourine sound and when I hit the bow of the cymbal one time out of 6 hits I got a crash sound!! What to do!?


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            Check the reviews for Lemon Cymbals
            They seem to be very popular / positively reviewed

            10" dual zone edrum x 2 ​12" dual zone edrum x 2 ​18" single zone bass edrum x 1

            And of course, al the Roland Cymbals.

            All Cymbals are basically the same:

            2-Zone - Piezo and Edge Switch
            3-Zone - Piezo and Edge Switch and Bell Switch

            If your TD-10 has the TDW-1 Expansion Module, then there is a selection of Cymbal Presets to choose from.

            CTRCY-15R Control (for Three Way Triggering)

            and dial in the parameters.

            If not, you would have to select a pad option, probably PD-9, P1 or P2 and dial in the parameters.
            (Not 12-A, 12-B, 10-A or 10-B as these are for Dual Piezo Type Pads)