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I have a chance to get some MIDI equipment cheap...need advice

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  • I have a chance to get some MIDI equipment cheap...need advice

    This will be coming out of the surgery fund...so I need advice.

    These two as a package for $ 300:
    Yamaha RM50 sound module
    Yamaha DTS70 Midi router

    I'm unfamiliar with these. The first is a drum module, it has waveform card slots.

    The second I think allows you to expand to more inputs, or you can use it to configure several modules at once. Or that's what I understand...I'm hoping to use it to organize my Alesis D-4, Roland TD-7 and TD-10 so I don't need to dial each individual module each time I want to change a kit...

    This for $50:
    Peavey MIDI Librarian

    Can I use this as a substitute for the Roland Memory Card, i.e. dump kits and sequences?

    I'm going to check other sources, but you guys know your s**t. Recommendations, warnings? Thanks.


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    The RM50 has over 1100 sounds onboard plus there was a ram expansion board that allowed the addition of .5 meg worth of sounds. 24 bit dac's and internal processing. 6 pad inputs on the back plus it can read SY77 rom cards. The DTS70 is a stand alone pad to midi interface with 12 pad inputs plus 12 direct analogue outputs to trigger older drum module without midi. Two midi input output jacks, 48 kits can be programed with 4 way layering, alternated or crossfading available, plus 16 program changes per kit. Pad training is also included. I had two of them and they're very nice. No hi-hat control however. It's a very stable triggering platform. The RM50 was $1295 new and the DTS70 was $945 new. Hope this helps.
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      Thanks for the replies, guys.

      A local music store is having a clearance so if these don't work for me I can return them for store credit, per the manager.

      I'll try downloading the manuals when everyone leaves the office (hee hee hee sneaky sneaky)

      JRCEL, if you don't mind, some additional questions:

      How are the sounds...good quality? There are cards available for additional sounds, right?..can I still find them and any idea for the cost?

      And I don't know what a 24-bit dac or a sy77 rom card is. Sorry, but I never got much more into this past chaining modules.

      Thanks again.



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        A DAC is what converts digital information stored as samples into sound waves. The number of bits is mostly what determines the accuracy of the conversion. CD quality is 16-bit, most DVD players use 24-bit. 24-bit is studio quality. There are of course, other factors... (why expensive stuff is better!!)

        A ROM card is a card (disk) which holds information (in this case, samples) which are read-only. You can't change the data on the card, only use it.

        What an sy77 card is I don't know. Anybody?

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          Thanks Schmunk.

          Got the Peavey manual,...only 14 pages. I'll have a read tonight. Hope I can use it...less expensive than a card and I don't have a computer at home...I'm such a Luddite.

          I just found the Yamaha RM-50 manual...I'll have a look at that. After review of some info I think I'll pass on the router. The RM-50 might be cool, though...maybe I can get them to separate.


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            Djourg, I have had an RM-50 for a long time. To be honest I never use it. The features are fairly good, but the sounds are very flat, too short and rather uninspiring. Also the sound cards are extremely rare.


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              The DTS-70 is still used by a lot of Drummers in the UK for triggering acoustic Kits and interfacing with various modules(Akai samplers etc.)
              As far as I can gather it has most of the triggering functions of a DTX but no built in sounds.

              It should do layered triggering I think and it has autosetup for dynamics (Hitting the pad at various dynamics to set it up)
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                Thanks everyone for the replies.

                I think I'll pass on the Yamaha modules. I definitely don't need the MIDI router and, unless they were to exclude the router and lower the price on the RM50 I figure there are more important things I can spend my money on, like an inexpensive sampler or drum machine

                I picked up the MIDI Librarian with the guarantee by the store manager that I could return it if I couldn't get it to work with the TD-10. At $50 it's less than the Roland memory card, in all it's a gamble I can live with.

                Thanks again. I knew you guys would come through.



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                  The SY-77 was one of Yamaha's synth-workstations in the mid-90s.

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                    DJourg, do you have the name of the store and it's phone number? Thanks.
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                      The Sound Post

                      3640 W. Dempster
                      Skokie, IL 60076

                      tel: 847.679.6070

                      Taken from their website: www.soundpostmusic.com


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                        Drumkat Turbo 4.5, Emulator X3, Superior 2.1, Roland Fantom XR, DTXtreme III, SPD-20 etc.......