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TD10 (and XP) Editor for PC on the way.

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  • TD10 (and XP) Editor for PC on the way.

    For about 3 to 4 weeks now i have been working on a pc editor for the TD10 and i am looking for some more people to do some beta testing for me .
    The program is not finnished yet but i`d like to sort any problems out before the code gets to big to debug.

    If you do try it please remember to back up all your custom kits, Ive been testing this version for a week on my TD10XP and haven`t noticed any problems but please back up your custom kits first.

    The link below will download the program "set up" file which will install the program and all the required system files.
    These include some "third party" midi controls that handle the midi input/output, these are unregistered controls and as such you will see "nag screens" telling you so.
    This program is going to be "freeware" so long as it dosen`t cost me anything more than my time, so we`ll just have to put up with those.
    The only reason for the file size (2.2MB) is the required system files. The actual program so far is about 128K so any beta updates will be posted as just the program file but you must have the original setup file installed for these updates to work.

    Heres a breif explanation of the interface and the initial set up screen.
    When you first run the program you will see two "drop down" list boxes and a "connect" button, use the list boxes to select your midi input and output devices for your computer then click connect.You must have both the midi in and out connected for the program to work properly. If you select the wrong device nothing will happen just reselect the correct device and hit "connect" again.
    When every thing is connected and set up correctly hitting "connect sends a request to the TD10 to transmit "All Drum Kits" and you will see a progress bar appear.When this is completed the main screen will automatically load showing all the parameters for kit 1.
    This program relys on a couple of global settings to keep the program and the TD10 in "sync" ,namely the fact that the TD10 is set to receive "Program Change" messages and that the Program change map is set so that kit numbers are the same as program change numbers.
    It would be very easy for me to have the program "Force" this but i don`t want to
    start messing with peoples "Global" settings.So check your settings if you want to use the program (The default setting
    are set to "on" anyway").

    The interface is very similar to most sequencer programs "Mixer Pages" pages where you have Visual sliders and "pots" that you control with the mouse and a label under each control to show the value, its the same here but the label is also a control,left and right mouse buttons clicked on the label will increase and decrease the value by one.

    This program is designed to be completely "hands off" the TD10 and whilst writing the program iv`e discovered a few things that are not in the manual.It seems that the TD10 will not receive any system exclusive messages while the onboard sequencer is running so please leave this alone.
    Also it will not recieve "program "change messages whilst you are viewing any of the "Edit Screens" so this program is designed to be run with the TD10 showing the "KIT" screen,but for the purpose of testing the program we need to be able to check that the parameters we are editing are actually changing on the TD10,so please remember that if you change kits from the program make sure you can see the "KIT" screen on the TD10.

    If you are not completely confident with editing your kits anyway then i`d advise you to wait until the completed version is ready and lots of testing has been done by the more "Techy" members.

    Heres a list of the functions available in this current beta version:
    Main mixer page
    Main swithes for Ambience ,compressor ,eq and fx.
    volume, pan ,amb send, fx send , output select , comp and eq switches for all pads and all kits

    "Sys ex Show " feature. I got this idea from a yamaha TG300 that i used to have where you could see the sysex value for any parameter on the module .This will be usefull for people using the TD10 as a stand alone drum module and triggering from midi.You will see this displayed in the title bar of the program.

    Some of the screens can be veiwed but the controls will have no effect.

    Heres a list of functions i`m hoping to include:
    Every parameter involved in creating a "drum kit" will be available for edit from the program.
    I am still unsure of wether to include global settings or not but your feedback will help me decide.

    I am currently testing save and load "kit" functions for the program, and its also looking like I am going to be able to include a "Save Drum" function where we will be able to save a snare drum for example and then load it into any kit.

    Heres the link to the download www.btinternet.com/~e.drummer/td10edb.exe
    Please keep all posts regarding this program here as it will help me sort out any problems and all beta updates will be posted here.
    Thanks to those guys who knew of this already, please keep testing.

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    What is the required hardware?


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      W95,W98 should both work, win2000 possibly(let me know?)NT sorry no.
      i dont think Ram will be a problem to anybody(Let me know if anybody can tell me different).
      Any soundcard with Midi IN and OUT ports(again if anybody can tell me otherwise?).
      It will run in a screen resolution of 800X600
      (does anybody use this? I may have to redesign the "Compressor Edit screen" let me know)but is designed for 1024x768.


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        I just want to say thanks for taking the time to laboriously code this program. It sounds like it is going to come in really handy espcially with regards to digital/MIDI recording.

        Keep up the good work!!

        This forum is the best and you don't have to pay $20 to join.:P


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          I just want to say thanks for taking the time to laboriously code this program. It sounds like it is going to come in really handy espcially with regards to digital/MIDI recording.

          Keep up the good work!!

          This forum is the best and you don't have to pay $20 to join.


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            no problem
            no problem


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              Once you get the kinks worked out of this version, any plans for a TD-8 version? I guess all of the computer guys bought the TD-10.


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                Seeing as all you TD8 guys and girls saved so much money on the TD8 and custum kits i`ll have to charge you all Big Bucks

                I probably could do it if a had the manual with all the sys ex information, wait till this ones completed then well see.


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                  i dont know if anyone can help me or not but it seems like this topic is kinda what i'm looking for. I need to know if there is a way to transfer the information from the vdrum brain (through midi or any other way) to my old yamaha ptx8 electric drum kit brain, so i can play the vdrums on my old system? Thanks for any info anyone may have.


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                    The best way to do that is, after purchasing a TD-10, Carefully disassemble the unit by removing the 8 screws on the bottom of the unit, disassembling the ptx-8 unit, and replace the insides of the ptx-8 unit with the insides of the TD-10.

                    If it doesn't fit, use a hammer.

                    Gingerly drill holes - 6 for the sliders, 4 for volume control, and 26 for various controls elsewhere on the unit (sequencer, drumkit, etc.) - in the newly upgraded ptx-8.

                    You may lose some (if not all) of the customized drumkits within the original ptx-8 unit, so definately back them up.

                    Binary with a C and a period.
                    [email protected]


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                      Dear BINARY, I tried your very insightful and helpful suggestion to my problem but now i have lost all settings just as you have suggested, and i have that pesty "spare parts box", please let me know if there is a more technical way of accomplishing what i want to do. Thanks in advance. sincerely luv4drums.


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                        Transfering data would not be possible ,I think your only option is to hook it all up and just and just try it out and tweak the settings till your happy with the performance .

                        Any takers for beta testing (i`m begging now)


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                          Hey E-Drummer, I'll be setting up my VPros tonight, and I'm off all next week (Run up to Brands Hatch World Superbikes! ) So I'll definitely hook 'em up to the PC and give it a whirl. I'll keep you posted.

                          BTW Just tried installing on Win 2000 at work. Installs OK. When running the nag screens for the Midi APIs won't go away, that's as far as it gets. Soundcard is a Videologic Sonicvortex 2 (MPU 401 enabled, windows says it's OK) Obviously no TD-10 hooked up though. I've got the same card in my Win98 machine at home so I'll see how it goes there.


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                            Thanks corin
                            I`m pretty sure it wont work with WIN2000 due to its similarites with NT.
                            I`m probably going to register the controls pretty soon but dont worry it will still be "Freeware".
                            I`m going to be posting an update probably over the weekend with more features coded and a few changes.

                            The Audition pads are now always available so what ever screen you are editing you can hear the changes, without having to go back to the mixer screen.(Thanks Stan Good idea).

                            I`ve also incorperated the ability to be able to test the program without having the TD10 connected.
                            The EQ page is now fully functional.
                            I`m still working on the Save/Load functions
                            and i don`t think i`ll be ready to incorperate it this weekend but i`ll leave the screen visible so you can all have a look at how its going to work.

                            I am looking for some help from anyone with W95 on there computers as one user is having problems but so far no problems on W98.

                            If some one with an unexpanded TD10 could also e-mail me a Bulk Dump of all drum kits (factory presets) saved within a standard midi file this would be a great help.

                            Thanks to all those who have been testing so far.

                            [This message has been edited by e-drummer (edited July 27, 2000).]


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                              Heres the latest version.
                              If you have already tested this program and have already installed the "td10edb" program then you can just download using this link.

                              If you have not tested this program before you will have to use the following link that includes all the required system files and the new version.

                              As I said above this version can now run without the TD10 connected but make sure it is not connected as some of the midi data is still sent.
                              In this version the Load /Save screens are now visible but are not yet functional ,so you can have a look at how its going work.
                              The Audition buttons are now always visible and include seperate buttons for pad and rim so that they are not tied to the mixer page.
                              The eq page is now fully functional.

                              This version is designed to be viewed at a screen resolution of 1024x768 but i will include scroll bars for those running smaller screens at a latter date.

                              Please let me know how you get on either here or via e-mail.