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The Building of a E-Drum Kit.....the Saga continues

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  • The Building of a E-Drum Kit.....the Saga continues

    I am almost at the end of this quest to build a cost effective, quality, multipurpose, live/studio e-drum kit..

    Here's what I've come up with so far..

    Gibraltar rack from Musicians friend with two cymbal boom arms.....(it rocks)
    Hart Accusnare
    three Hart acoustic conversion triggers for toms
    14" Hart chokable crash

    E-bay purchases...

    Roland fd-7
    Roland kd-7
    Hart E-Cymbal II ride and Hi-Hat
    3 9x12 Pacific toms to mount on Gibraltar rack
    DM Pro

    also purchased for around $100 from Riks music Dm pro mount and Hi hat mount that works perfectly for the Gibraltar rack..

    I plan on trimming the toms in half and thereby giving me a 4 1/2" by 12" e-tom equipped with Hart trigger...Havent really tweaked the toms yet to get the best performance from the DM pro...

    Peter Hart from Hart Dynamics came thru big time...I highly recommend this company...So happens the cymbals I purchased on ebay were outdated and Peter offered to update them to current specs for about $70 complete with dual triggers on the ride....

    Notsold on the kd-7 kick trigger yet...can-t quite get this thing to feel natural yet and if it continues I may have to bite the bullet and go with the Hart Acupad series x bass trigger...

    All of this including the module for under $2000...everyone that sees this thing, drummers and not drummers, think its real drums....It looks killer...real brass cymbals, gloss back toms, chrome snare and chrome rack...you should see the look of disgust and lust on drummers faces...

    I'll keep all updated on further developments cause I'm not done yet...

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    Originally posted by captain54:
    I am almost at the end of this quest to build a cost effective, quality, multipurpose, live/studio e-drum kit....
    Nice stuff. Just curious - does the FD-7 give you any velocity control over the hi hat sounds thru the DMPro? The hihat controller input on my previous DM-5 was either ON or OFF (open or closed) - no expression with the pedal! I sold the DM-5 and got a used TD-10 and it is like night and day. I realize that the DM5 is not a DMPro - but heard that the hihat pedal was wired the same on the Pro. Straighten me out if this info was wrong. Thanks.


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      As far as I know the DM-Pro supports 'expressive hihat controllers'.
      Music was my first love...


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        the hat controller and module both respond to about 15 or so velocity curves..same as all the other pads and kick trigger...


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          The dm-5 does not support continuously variable hat pedals, but the dm pro does. You have to tell the controller which type of pedal you are using.