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TD-6 compatible

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  • TD-6 compatible

    Hi, i have a few question and maybe you all can help me

    is TD-6 compatible with PD80R, i mean can i have 2 sound like when i connect to spd20 then i can choose 2 layer one is for snare and the other is for side stick or for rim shot

    thanks anyway


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    I think so!
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      Hey, Harlock:

      I'm trying to create an all-electronic duplicate of my acoustic set (11 drums, 10 cymbals), and I'm looking at the TD-6 for the sole purpose of providing the cymbal sounds. However, I seem to recall a comment made on a previous post (I'm not sure if it was one of yours or not) that the TD-6's sounds and kits were not editable. Is this true? The decision as to whether or not I buy the TD-6 rests on that particular issue. Thanks in advance.....
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        What about the sounds? Can you describe the sounds? Is it as good as drum machines, say the BOSS DR-770? Please tell us more about the sounds of this TD-6.... I don't like TD-10 or TD-8 sounds. I hope the TD-6 will sound more like the BOSS DR-770 as I am a big fan of this drum machine. The sound from DR-770 is trully awesome....


        Originally posted by Harlock:
        Here's what Tommy Snyder told me about the TD-6 when asked about this specific question : "The snare input on the TD-6 IS compatible with the PD-80R/120...and ONLY on
        this input, you can set RIM sens for rim-shots, cross-stick etc..."

        Plus I did verify this today as I spend an hour testing the V-Club (TD-6K) setup with different pads... And CY-6 with TD-8&10...
        The TD-6 looked very good in the store... That color is quite OK actually, not toylike at all! The module is really like a TD-8 without all the control + a bit better basic sounds... And the CY-6 is very nice too... We were just concerned with how well they would be tracking next week when 100 crazy drummers will have tested these out... Guess I'll be checking out later...