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New Electronic Drums and Mesh Heads

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  • New Electronic Drums and Mesh Heads

    Hello All!
    I am the primary operator of "Zombies". We manufacture Digital/Electronic Drums and Mesh Heads in the Baltimore, Maryland area.
    We started out just like a lot of other drummers…INCREDIBLE STICKER SHOCK when we saw the prices on the Rolands so……………
    We developed these heads because we wanted a Mesh Head but the ones available were either way too expensive or they couldn’t handle heavy use. We started building drums, initially only as "platforms" to help us develop the feel/track/trigger qualities of the heads. As we had some time invested in producing a reliable "platform" we decided to develop the drums as well.
    The Zombie Head is a fairly heavy single ply mesh material.
    You can use these heads, mounted on your Acoustic Set for much quieter practicing, or you can use them with your Electronic Drums. We have designed and manufactured the heads to mount on standard drum sizes and are available in 10", 12", 13", 14", 15", 16" and we have a bass drum Mesh Mod.
    The pictures show our heads mounted on a Classic Early 1970’s Rogers Drum set with a 14" Ludwig Snare and two 10" Zombie Digital Drums.
    The Zombie Drums are made from fairly heavy gauge steel with a welded seem and an epoxy finish. They are being produced in 10",12", and 13".
    For Pictures and info please see our E-Bay listing " Not Roland V or Pintech Electronic Drum".
    You are welcome to e-mail us at [email protected]
    Jim in Baltimore

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    Good idea of building stronger mesh heads!

    I had a 14" triggerhead on my snare which has stretched. Now I use a 12" tom with a Roland V-drum mesh head as a snare but it seems that it won't last long either.
    Too bad you guys are in the US. In Europe we miss al the fun

    In a few months I'll be buying a ddrum padset so I won't have any problems anymore....

    Maybe it's an idea to post your topic on too.

    Music was my first love...


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      Jim, Can you make any size of heads? I am thinking about a project utilizing 6" pads.


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        I wanted to delurk for a moment to say that I would like to get an 8" head to replace the one on my PD-80. Do you do special orders, Jim?