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Anyone owns Mackie SRS-1500 sub?

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  • Anyone owns Mackie SRS-1500 sub?

    I am about to pick one up and use it as stage monitor along with a JBL Eon2 as high and would like to have your input on this awesome sub. Please as much details as you can like how it sounds and what application you use. Thanks in advance.

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    You are in for a great experience in drummimng. If you are playing at normal volumes then the SRS1500 should be placed right behind your drum throne so you feel the kick.
    You actually have to be careful with the volume though, I have actually felt ill after playing an entire job with this sub right on top of me the vibrations can shake your whole body so if you are playing at high volumes then put the sub off to your side so that
    your ears and body can be protected. This speaker gets better sounding the more times you use it because the speaker breaks in after several jobs and it really adds so much bottom end to the VDrums. Even at low volumes it gives a much more solid sound to the kits. I promise you will not be sorry. I hope it sounds great with your JBL's, I myself am using two SRM450's with it and it is hands down the most incredibly best sounding monitor system I have ever heard. Mackie rules!
    Have fun at your next gig!


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      I will echo what Bruce says. You will not be sorry. I played about 6 months with two Mackie 450's and thought it sounded great, but when I added the sub it just rounded the whole sound out. I place one of the 450's on top of the sub so it throws farther than being on the ground. I have been playing edrums for about 7 years now and for the first time I am completely satisfied with my sound system.
      Good luck,


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        I've got 2 450s, 2 G2s, & the 1500 sub. Don't even think about it..... It'll put your eye out kid! Just kidding... Sounds great with the G2s as well as the Mackies.
        Have fun.


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          Thanks for your inputs. I am ordering one. I am just worried that it is an overkill since I will use this for stage monitor along with an Eon G2 to play the high.

          I just want deep and quality low end even in lower volume. I want the kick that I can feel. The Eon G2 alone cannot produce what I want. I hope I am doing the right thing since this isn't cheap. More input regarding the sound is great.

          Thanks again.


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            Congrats and good luck! Its a great sounding sub..I was going to buy one till someone here said they weighed 100 pounds! There's no way I'd lug that around..


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              I n c r e d i b l e : )

              You won't be disappointed.

              I just got mine tonight. We plugged it in with 2 450's, and I started tapping the bassdrum - and we all proceded to squeal and giggle like little girls. This IS that real bass, the club bass, the "is-it-safe-for-the-walls?" bass..

              If you have a pair of the JBLs or the Mackie 450s, do whatever it takes to get one of these subs. It will change your life. : )