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Roland TD6K

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    Originally posted by Mick Wade:
    Hey, Putt:

    Have you heard anything about when Roland's supposed to release it in the Netherlands?
    I don't know. But as soon as the kit is here, I will play one for you. Honest.


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      Howdy folks,
      Word is that the td6k will list for about $1500, the sounds are right out of the td8, and the module is inexpensive because the kits aren't editable. From what I've heard, the set should hit U.S. stores this summer.


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        Musicians Friend is expecting a shippment of the CY-6 cymbals on 5-15. The street price is $99! They will "swing" like the V Cymbals and are dual zoned and "chokeable".

        If I had to guess,concidering this new product line, I would say Roland is a tad upset with Yamaha and the DTXtreme.


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          And also on that note: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/ex/sh...262?pid=700260

          Just in case anyone else might have missed it.....


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          TD-30 / SPD-SX /Alesis Strike Multipad


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            Originally posted by ToBiMaN:
            HAHAHAHAHA!!! That's what I thought!!! Too much plastic, I thought...

            Someone Set Up Us Da Bomb!!
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              I guess most of us don't care much for the module but the new CY-6 cymbal looks pretty cool. Anyone seen them, got any thoughts on them? If they swing and they're quieter than the PD7s and 9s they could be great. I can't imagine they're functionally much different from the V-cymbals.


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                Would anyone know how comparable TD6K set is to the TD7 kit?

                TD8 with PD7's, 2 KD7's (From previous TD7)
                Tama Rockstar with mix of Sabian, Zildjian and Paiste.