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Yamaha MS 400 powered speakers?

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  • Yamaha MS 400 powered speakers?

    Has anyone recieved info or demo'd Yamaha's new MS 400 powered speaker? It apparently has a 15" speaker, a mini-EQ, and great value at 599.00. Any info would be appreciated.

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    I had the guys demo this at Sam Ash in NYC and this was the outcome. They sent the exact same level signal into the Yamaha's as was sent to the Mackie SRM450's and we did an A/B comparison. There was not enough volume out of the Yamaha's, we had to crank the volume control all the way up in order to come anywhere close to the Mackies. The Mackie's volume was only set at 12 O'Clock and they were still louder then the Yamahas. I am suprised because we all know that Yamaha makes some great equipment.


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      Thanks Bruce!...I too am surprised that Yamaha didnt target the Mackies and at least match the sound quality.