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Anyone using LM-4?

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  • Anyone using LM-4?

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    Dear Binary,

    Yeah, I'm using it constantly and LOVING it. I use it at work, as well as remotely in the kitchen, if you know what I mean.

    Seriously, going with LM-4 was one of the best decisions I have ever made, and it is constantly improving my work, my life, and my relations with my inner rhythmic stylizations, which is really quite a dramatic sight!

    By the way, just what is LM-4?
    Immensely powerful yet with a liquid cat-quick elegance


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      I always found it a ***** to edit and program new kits....

      Others to consider, easier to work with...

      AOdk1, Rm2,(smaller version rmf is free), loopazoid (free), fruityloops (awesome),
      Battery (pricey)...


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        So captain, you're saying it's not worth the time?

        I'm not currently running VST, but I've thought about giving it a shot, because obviously heard some great things about it.
        If LM-4 was quality, I may take the plunge.

        I've never heard of those first three, but I've used Fruity Loops, which is good, but a sequencer, not a sampler really, and battery is a sampler, but not really a sequencer.

        Does LM-4 do both well? I assume from what I'm reading that it should sample better than anything of it's kind, but what are it's sequencing capabilities?



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          LM-4 is a sampler, not a sequencer, but integrates nicely with any VST capable sequencer....

          A few of the Wizoo kits are pretty good for the LM-4, but I found most to be average..
          So in that respect it might be worth it..
          When it came to making my own kits, the Lm-4 was a pain in the arse, but there might be new editors out by now...plus, there was a bug in the Lm-4 hi-hat for a while that made it unusable...check cubase.net for specifics

          The AODK1 was much more user friendly, about $60, on board compression, real easy to get around, and comes with an acoustic kit that blows any of the Wizoo kits away, not to mention an Ambient Kit available on http://www.k-v-r.vst.com that rocks!!

          The RM2 from LinPlug is about $50, very easy to work around, and reads all the Wizoo kits.

          I don't see any big advantage of the LM-4 over the others other than the user interface and graphics look cool....

          the k-v-r.vst site has a lot of info, a user forum, and some amazing free patch banks...


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            The LM4 in and of itself is definitely all sampler, no sequencer. Sequencing is done with a software midi sequencer, ex Cubase VST. I essentially use mine to "fatten" things up a bit, running midi out from my TD-8 (triggering the LM-4)while simultaneously recording my V-Drum audio. The timing of a VST insrument is amazing - syncs PERFECTLY up to the audio, and even though it's a midi instrument, you can assign different voices to different channels and add effects, just as you would with audio. There are sound library CDs for the LM-4 and you can enter your own, although I have not had the need to mess around with that yet. I do know the editing as listed in the manual looks like a pain, but there are freeware programs around that greatly simplify it. Overall, I've been really pleased with mine


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              Those having success with software samplers on the same PC as their audio programs:
              What system are you running?

              I'm going to upgrade to 1Ghz CPU with 7200rpm drives etc and want to be able to run either EWS-64, Gigasampler or LM-4.???

              Anyone got any comparisons of the 3?


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                I have also tried out LM-4 and I did not like it. I could not find any nice utilities to 'design' your kit.
                I'm using Gigasampler and I like it. Lots of features (I believe a lot more than all the other software samplers...), nice interface (after a while), good speed and you can also use it for loading other instruments.

                I'd say, try them out first and then decide...


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                  Gigasampler, or its newest revision, GigaStudio, by far the most powerful softsampler of them all....its best application is a dedicated PC, however, I have had some success running it alongside Cakewalk Pro Audio9 on one computer...

                  MultiClient soundcards work best...check the Nemesys.com site..they will recommend a few..
                  I have managed to get my Delta 44 card working with Giga, even though it is not multiclient yet, by assigning dedicated outputs to Cake and Giga respectively...It is truly awesome...Load your samples into Giga, open Cakewalk within Giga, sequence unlimited tracks...you can bounce to wave files by using the audio capture feature in
                  Giga or routing your audio to capture wave in Cake..