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The Crime Continues?

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  • The Crime Continues?

    OK, So Roland eventually buckled under and "upgraded" those clamps. Fine. Now, I think I saw it posted elsewhere, but I happened across an online shop and was somewhat perplexed. If anyone out there can shed some light, please do. From all that I've read, the red and purple KD-120's costs (retail) $25 more than the white ones. Can anyone post why they are not the same price.


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    From what I've heard the white ones are definitely discontinued, and the stock is being let go of at reduced prices.
    Don't know if it's true or not, but it sounds likely.
    "Fry that sound effect, Moriarty, we're having it for breakfast"


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      The paint ?

      Serious: the US dollar is getting higher and higher. The Japanese Yen is related to the $. Perhaps the white pads are going to be discontinued. That's why the old price. But I'm not sure.


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        Ever notice that among thieves and wrong-doers, there's a certain honor and honesty that you don't get with the companies we buy from?

        Here's an example...

        So in the cracking community [also known as software piracy] many of the crackers work in groups. Now, if a group releases a crack that either doesn't work, or is flawed in some way, there is generally a second release that quickly follows, which is ammended with the word "FIXED."

        A mistake has been made, and the mistake has been remedied, and there's an honesty there that would never be there for any real company, unless the mistake was far too egregious to overlook.

        Imagine if Roland's clamps came out and Roland said "No, it wasn't really an "upgrade" - we fixed the clamps on the new kits, so they're no longer highly breakable peices of sh|t...."

        Or if
        "Windows 98 Second Edition"
        was really called

        "Windows 98 - FIXED" like it should have been?

        Imagine if
        "Windows 2000 Service Pack 1," and
        "Windows 2000 Critical Updates"

        were instead refered to as

        "Windows 2000 Major Bug Fixes" and
        "Windows 2000 Security Hole Patches"

        Regular software companies have it easy.
        Anyone running Quark XPress 4.0?
        Or are you running Quark XPress 4.01?
        ...I thought so.

        It wasn't "4.0 - FIXED" that solved the automatic clipping path around any imported EPS that reared it's ugly head everytime you opened the document....
        no... just a "recommended upgrade" of version 4.01.

        Anyway, I just thought Marc's post was a little funny, and I thought I'd share.



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          Dude, that is seriously some funny ****e!!!



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            According to Raland, the white pads are still being produced. BTW the red and purple pads are not painted. The wrap is colored by computer. So in reality they are printed not painted.


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              The wrap is actually Remo's Quadura covering, the same stuff they use on their MasterEdge drums, and I believe it's manufacured by Danmar, like most of the other drum wraps you can buy.

              "Fry that sound effect, Moriarty, we're having it for breakfast"