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Alesis in trouble???

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  • Alesis in trouble???

    Recently picked up a DM Pro for a decent price from ebay and now I'm concerned...

    How does one get the version 2.0 software upgrade?? some Guitar Center friends of mine related that soon they will be blowing out all Alesis products with rumours that the company is in deep doo-doo...

    There is no answer at the Alesis 1-800 tech support hotline...emails are going unanswered..

    Maybe I was better off spending a few extra sheckles and picking up the td-8...If I can't get my DM pro upgraded properly and for a reasonable cost, its worthless to me..

    Any Alesis reps that care to respond??

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    I think Alesis is back to their core-business: sound systems and effects. Rumours go that they have sold the drum departement to Hart Dynamics. If the latter is true: then nothing to worry about. Hart is a serious guy


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      From what I've heard (note, this may not be accurate... a friend told me, who heard it from someone associated with Alesis... grain of salt, kids!), Alesis has "closed it's doors" for a while.. not shut down, just turning the lights out and saving some money.

      I think I read somewhere about a "company restructuring," as well.. so perhaps a little downsizing as well?

      I just hope they keep going, keep the Andromeda and bring out some smaller versions. Can you imagine if they made a smaller version (half the voices, no fx, smaller keyboard, etc) that brought it around the $1500 rannge? I'd certainly pick one up, and I'm certain a bunch of other people would too.

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        Hart is now handling the marketing of DMPro kits... and are offering some very good deals on the remaining stock

        Not sure they bought the department from ALesis, but they are marketing the current DMPro kits - which is great because they can add custom modifications from the factory.... Currently they are offering versions with an AcuSnare, and also without the DMPro module....



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          Music was my first love...